Monday, January 31, 2011


Photo courtesy of Elle Decor
The newest issue of Elle Decor

Hearst has just acquired Elle and Elle Decor from French publishing company Lagardère, a statement has just confirmed. The transaction includes publishing rights to fashionable Elle (except for the French edition), with 102 titles in 15 countries-- the U.S., Russia & Ukraine, Italy, Spain, U.K., China, Japan, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Mexico, Taiwan, Canada and Germany and extensive digital operations, with 50 websites and numerous mobile and tablet applications. Included in the whopper deal are 10 global editions of Elle Decor,Woman’s Day, Car and Driver, Road & Track and Cycle World in the U.S.; Red in the U.K. and Holland.

The $887M deal puts Hearst at the forefront of the shelter magazine category, adding Elle Decor to their stable that includes House Beautiful, Veranda, Country Living.


Visual Vamp said...

Does anyone care, except the folks standing to make money?
All the musical chairs of editors coming and going, has made all the magazines look the same. No one is standing out, because of fear?
It's a real turn off for the most loyal readers and decor junkies reading the mags these days.
xo xo
PS But thanks for the scoop,

Stylebeat said...

Absolutely-- I think we all find inspiration in what these magazines produce and the editors eye. Many of the magazines are gaining their footing with new editors at the helm, and hopefully, their unique voice and vision will come across and help the brands to capture their audience. Aside from beautifully produced books, magazines have the budgets to shoot homes and products in exciting ways, keeping us all inspired.

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I've subscribed to a shelter magazine. I miss having a high quality, beautifully photographed, glossy-paged magazine to enjoy for hours over several cups of tea. My favorite issues I would save for years. Hopefully this will soon change. I can't seem to get into the e-magazines. Thanks for sharing the news.

Karen T.

Lisa McGee said...

Wow that is fantastic for Hearst - very exciting news indeed- great for them to add to their wealth of other home magazines - Elle Decor will be in great company with House Beautiful and Country Living.
Thanks for letting me know Marisa- always good to keep in the loop from across the pond.
Best, Lisa McGee

mary said...

Please say it isn't so! I loved Elle Decor just the way it was (including Margaret Russell).