Thursday, February 17, 2011


J. Crew's Field Notes Pencils are for those that are fearless with color.

In the 80's, THE New York stores to shop in were Fiorucci on 59th Street, where Zara is now, Ylang Ylang and Reminiscence. Neon was everywhere, and I had to have lots of it. I was bedecked in hot shades of pink, yellow and orange and wore tons of flourescent bracelets from Fiorucci with my rubber bracelets. Neon accents were brought back a few seasons ago at places like J. Crew and are being mixed in new ways for a more subtle take on the explosive colors. The look is slowly creeping into home, where Alex Von Furstenberg has made it her design calling card. She creates neon and clear lucite accessories and furniture with futuristic flair, fusing art and design inspiration. The collection began with 8 pieces and has grown to include side tables, end tables and many small accessories. Find them at her AVF West Hollywood flagship at 9001 Melrose Avenue, as well as the newly opened Soho design emporium at 64 Grand Street Tamara Mageland an old favorite of mine, H. Groome in Southampton.

AVF's Fearless Neon Trays are a sleek way to serve in style.

Nesting, the trays take on their own sculptural quality.

A chunky diamond shaped box launched at the gift show recently, that resembles an faceted gem that is just too large to tame.

Clear lidded Treasure boxes from the Voltage line have accent colors in the bottom where the light catches.

They seem to be better for decorative purposes than actual storage, unless of course it is all one thing, like cards or something that actually looks good at all times.


Sally@DivineDistractions said...

There's a whole lot of things from the 80's that need to stay buried!! the frizzy hair and bangs that stood straight up! I saw that the midi skirts were back on the runway too. I've already seen a redo of the wallpaper I had in my kitchen in the 80's....brown mylar lattice pattern. We've got to be careful what we let back wasn't all pretty...just saying!

Stylebeat said...

Yes there is a limit to how much of it should return! A lot of it was just so bad

Unknown said...

That's funny--I just did a post on my blog (Susan E. Brown Interior Design) about the 80's decorating hues returning too--more specifically MAUVE! It must really be happening! Fortunately, I think the returning 80's trends have been altered to fit in better with current, and hopefully, more classic designs. LOVE your blog Marisa!

Anonymous said...

I for one love the Alexandra Von Furstenberg accessories. They're fun, and a great way to add color and personality to my minimalist home.

D.L.Rhein said...

I love a lot of color! Those pencils are so great. I want to go back to school.

Lilly from Lilly's Notebook said...

I bought the big pink box! I can't wait 'til it gets here!

Stylebeat said...

Thank you Susan! Lilly you will have to let me know what you think of it. Her stuff is a little spenny but lucite is in general!

Sara Colombo said...

Good find. Items like the AVF Fearless neon trays are helping to bring back an older style, with a modern twist. Thanks for posting.