Friday, October 28, 2011


It has been Muriel's month this October in New York. From a Barneys pop-up shop dedicated to her exclusive limited edition collection of hand-beaded home-furnishings and custom Taffin Candle to a highly successful special auction of 120 pieces at Phillips on October 21st, to her book launch, Muriel Brandolini's special brand of glamorous exotic creations has made a splash here. Exquisitely sophisticated and dreamy, her interiors are luscious eye candy.

Photos courtesy of Rizzoli
Muriel Brandolini lives in a technicolor world. Her interiors pulsate with vibrant color, and transport her clients to a fantasy world where rich textiles, vibrant prints, patchwork woven fabrics, modern accents, striking antiques and unexpected colors collide. These surreal interiors, collected in Rizzoli's The World of Muriel Brandolini Interiors, are truly amazing. Her French Vietnamese multicultural upbringing, with time spent in Vietnam to Venice, give her customized environments a highly unique point of view. It is a treat to have this visionary designer's interiors under one cover, as well as learn her personal journey. The pages will draw you into her fantastically bold world, one you will not want to leave.

Brandolini used the Chinese opium bed and the eclectic combo of hot pink and red years before it became a thing. Shown here with her children, she created a transporting haven in her New York apartment.

Painted candy colored steps relate the color palette back to the rest of her home. A large Vietnamese lantern is a great foil for the poppy colors.

Two black patent leather banquettes with patchwork pillows ground the painted celadon with grey and red floral walls. As unexpected as this combination is, it works.

The canvas of her New York living room is ever evolving. This is her second incarnation of the space, with two long sofas, an art deco table, horsehair covered stools and a round kelly green velvet settee creating a focal point in the long room.

To think that this interior was done in the 1990's, before coral was everywhere, really shows Brandolini's independent design spirit. In a New York foyer, a chocolate brown felt wall with giant coral applique is a statement if there ever was one. An oxblood console ties the colors together creating a wonderful moment.


A special Taffin candle is available in store and online at Barneys. The signature Fleur D'Oranger scent wafts through Brandolini's interiors, providing an exotic, transporting experience in her client's homes.

The shop, in Chelsea Passage, offers custom beaded pillows, beaded and embroidered tables, sling chairs, pendant lights and ornate rugs, set against her signature patchwork fabric backdrop. Step into her world for a sensory escape. Also available online at Barneys.

The pillows are incredibly detailed with wild patterns in unexpected color combinations.

A round puce rug with an abstracted pattern and surrealist tables is Jetson's- meets- Venice.



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