Friday, November 22, 2013


Photo courtesy of Tozai
Behold, they're gold! To add shimmer and individuality to the dining or side table, try bringing in some leaves that will last. Made of brass, these highly detailed versions of the real thing from Tozai will never dry up, and they add just the right amount of gold gleam without going Hermitage- style Russian. Gardeners will be agog at how lifelike the Lotus, Gloxinia, Rhubarb, Sassafras, Butterfly Bush, Tobacco, Calla Lily, Papaya, Chrysanthemum, and Mimosa leaves look, and will appreciate the fact that they are not as steep an investment as the fancier sterling silver or gold dipped leaves found at Buccellati and William Yeoward.


diane said...

Gorgeous but check out the bronze versions at Martin Pierce Custom little sculptures for your home.

Sandra said...

They look like pieces of jewelry, so pretty.