Saturday, June 2, 2007


Arrive in style with a new bag and towel you will not lose! Bright colors in the sun and sand will help you find your things amid a crowded summer beach!

Photo Courtesy of Hable Construction
Perfect items to hit the hot sand. Grab this Hable Construction canvas picnic tote from Hable Constructionand don't forget the sunblock!

For a splash resistant graphic version, Accessories Unlimited has this great pink tote that helps keep it all together, from Accessories Unlimited

This Pomegranate bag transitions well from city to country and anything with a bamboo motif looks great Pomegranate

Photo Courtesy of Tory Ltd
As close to Hermes as you can get, this turquoise and lavender stunner from Tory, ltd. is the one to get from Tory Ltd

Photo Courtesy of Madeline Weinrib
A wonderful charity tie in has been created by Madeline Weinrib. The removable tassel make washing a snap.Madeline Weinrib

Photo Courtesy of Deborah Sharpe
Deborah Sharpe Linens have the most stunning flourish and stripes embroidery motifs. Her covetable towels are just what one would expect from such a stylish one. This towel along with the best coral embroidered towel can be purchased at Deborah Sharpe Linens

Photo Courtesy of Toss Designs
Games people play, aside from Kadema! Backgammon set in a bright color combination from Toss Designs at Toss Designs

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