Friday, June 29, 2012


Photo courtesy of Buoy 6
If you are anything like me, then picking up a red, white and blue nautical accent or two just feels right this time of year. Adorn your wrists with neo- Nantucket Rope Bracelets from Buoy 6. Maine- made, the twisted marine rope and chunky bronze claw clasp look great alone or mixed with other mixed material bracelets. Wear them with your striped tee's on the 4th of July!

Photo courtesy of Buoy 6
Another version with a zigzag rope and thinner red accent rope wrapped around the center

Thursday, June 28, 2012


The chance to visit the land of palm trees and endless ocean always enchants me. So luckily, Thermador asked me to come out to visit their headquarters in the OC, to learn about their latest design innovations, and try out the goods. Yesterday, things heated up in the kitchen, as I rolled up my sleeves, put on my bedazzled Thermador apron and got to work cooking a major spread of Julia Childs classic recipes in honor of her 100th birthday and long history with the brand. I will share more soon, I am heading off to the mecca of stainless steel, steam cooking, and low simmer star burners, Thermador's cooking center.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Photo courtesy of Tozai

With the 2012 America's Cup World Series races coming to Newport this weekend, the East Coast will be all aflutter with nautical fever.  The legendary sailing race is in it's 34th year, and with that history comes tales of scandal, intrigue and fierce competitiveness. The sleek whisper-light crazy fast catamarans vie for "a perpetual challenge cup for friendly competition between nations,"and since 1851 the trophy has resided with The New York Yacht Club. Often referred to as the oldest trophy in sport, Narragansett Bay welcomes the Dark n' Stormy-swilling crew and their fans. All this talk of the ocean got me thinking about fun ways to bring nautical style home. Then I remembered a jaunty side table I saw from the new Dransfield and Ross collection for Tozai. With a rope base and working compass, it is the perfect accessory - meets - table. A twofer! And, you will always find your true north.

Monday, June 25, 2012


An early adopter of exotic exploration that traveled world learning the tricks of the global style trade years ago, John Robshaw has helped define the global/exotic design category. His sophisticated, brightly colored block-prints celebrate the handmade with a fresh twist. Working with centuries - old block printing and dying techniques, Robshaw applies his design eye to create something new and exciting by mixing artisanal technique, pattern, scale and bold color. From frolicking elephants to flowering vines, his designs take the best elements of exoticism and Indian design. With a fine arts degree from Pratt, the search for indigo dyes took him to Asia many years ago, igniting a lifelong passion for the artistic sensibility and sense of tradition that existed there. Influenced by the culture, people and process, his sarongs, bedding, fabrics and pillows make a distinct statement. A new partnership with Duralee fabrics makes his pattern play available to a wider audience. The collection includes energetic prints, some embroidery and rich wovens that mix and layer together. A wide range of colors, from umber to khaki, charcoal to moss green, madder to coral and indigo to turquoise make the collection ever-varied. You will feel as though your passport has been stamped numerous times once you see this collection, but you don't have to venture far to channel it's global sensibility. 

Friday, June 22, 2012


 Photo courtesy of Belvoir
When I heard that Belvoir, England's all-natural, small - batch  fizzy cockail - enhancing elixers were available stateside, I ran out and bought some. I headed to my local Williams-Sonoma and grabbed what enticed me. Their charming hand-written script label with bright background and tall bottle create a beautiful and alluring presentation. I have found I am totally smitten with the Belvoir Fruit Farm's Ginger Cordial, and have needed to restock my bar. 
So what is a cordial, anyway? The process of making the drink syrup involves pressing, cooking and extracting the essences from fresh flowers, fruits and spices. Those are then mixed with local spring water to make the yummy bottled cocktail ingredient. Their Ginger Cordial, my favorite, includes a mixture of fresh and spicy ginger root syrup along with lemon. It makes the perfect Moscow Mule. Or try another popular version the Elderflower, which is available through Terrain. Add sparkling water, vodka, and the cordial over the rocks and you are on your way to an amazing evening. Yum.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Switching out the warm, winter bed for fresh, new bedding in the summer is part of many people's changeover routine. Away goes the thick duvet and out comes the coverlet and thin blanket. If you are by the ocean, the duvet may be a necessity, so folding it into thirds at the end of the bed looks nice and neat. Perhaps your master bedroom needs reviving, and sometimes the guest linens need a refresher. Block prints, tiny patterns and solids in hot pink, blue and lavender were big spring news.
Here are some colorful new patterns, prints and solids to get you started!

 Photos courtesy of Serena and Lily
The new block-printed Ramona duvet and Euro sham from Serena and Lily is a robust take on a damask, Indian-style.
The coordinating Kerala sheet set in bright and soft pinks is an abstracted Indian floral that looks boho chic without going off the deep end.

 Photos courtesy of John Robshaw
John Robshaw introduced a bridge collection called JR by John Robshaw that is perfect for dorm rooms and the like. At a 200 thread count, it offers a lot of style for an approachable price point.

Perhaps a fresh spring green damask calls to you. Ludoli, all-over bedding pattern from John Robshaw adds visual interest without overwhelming other prints in the room.

 Photo courtesy of Allem Studio
If you can't get enough of block printing, geometrics and fish, then Allem Studio is for you. A varied Sea Green feels right at home with the fish pattern. The bedding is made by Sewa, a women's collective in India.

 Photos courtesy of Matouk
As usual, Matouk's creative collaboration with Lulu DK yields phenomenal results. This spring saw the introduction of Lyford, a white solid fireworks-of-a-floral on perfectly hued Crocus (lavender), Ocean (a French blue) and Geranium (a coral) ground.

The Lyford in Crocus

And as usual, patterns co-mingle together. Here we have from top to bottom: Star, Cove, and Lyford.

And in Geranium with coordinates.

If florals make you happy, this tight bloom called Petals also from Lulu DK for Matouk is a great choice.

The freshness of this Star and Cove combination from Matouk in pale blue and white is wonderful.

Stella, a tiny compass-shaped design comes quilted, also from Lulu for Matouk

Photo courtesy of Garnet Hill
Sometimes adding a ditzy, small pattern can re-invigorate and freshen existing white bedding. This small geo is Frette's Orchidales print through Garnet Hill.

Photo courtesy of Plover Organic
A small undulating pattern, Pink Waves, from Plover Organic is a pattern that also mixes in well with all white.

Bedding designer Katherine Ferran loves her prints and geometrics and this spring was no exception, as she introduced a charming large bloom with climbing stem and leaves.

Another angle

Summer and seersucker just go together, so thank goodness Ferran has their new spring green seersucker with coral edging.

 Photo courtesy of Haute Home
Haute Home also understands the need for relaxes resorty basics, so their seersucker with lace detailing.

 Photo courtesy of Julia B
Details! Bows abound on these darling custom monogram Nice shams from Julia B. with side ties of grosgrain ribbon. 

Photo courtesy of Sferra
If you are in a seaside setting, why not go nautical with Sferra's Orlo bedding with a chic inset wide banding?

Photo courtesy of Haute Home
There's nothing likea bold border to add life. Here, Haute Home pairs orange and turquoise, two colors that speak to summer living.

 Photo courtesy of Sferra
Linen bedding has earned converts for breathability and softness. Sferra's Classico Vintage offers a lived-in look that captures the essence of a European bed. With classic lines and casual appeal, the soft color palette is oh-so soothing.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 Photos courtesy of Karen Robertson
Karen Robertson finds creative ways to work with sea life that always amaze. Taking her inspiration from all things marine, her designs transport ocean life to home life. The Florida-based creative gal has encrusted boxes and obelisks with limpet shells, framed sea fans to sea urchins and pressed specimen seaweed. Her latest incarnation of seafans are framed in crisp white round frames matted in clear glass. The striking contrast of the vividly colored fan, white wood frames and wall color coming through is really fresh and now. Check out this latest colorful crop of 24 and 36" sea fans.