Thursday, May 30, 2013


It's time to get the party started.  Summer festivities call for the perfect invitation to set the mood of the event to come. Create excitement around a fete!  I love the new designs from Paperless Post, some of which are available in paper, mailable versions. Choose from "best of" designs created by letterpress and graphic artists  you know and love-  decoupage artist John Derian, whimsical prints from Kate Spade, charming drawings by Linda and Harriet, quirky cute motifs from Mr. Boddington's Nephew,  elegant script by calligrapher extroardinaire Bernard Maisner, classics from the new addition, Oscar de la Renta, and tons more.  Here are some themed invites to set the tone and give people a reason to gather on a breezy summer day. 

Beach House by Virginia Johnson. You may recall her watercolors from Deborah Needleman's book, The Perfectly Imperfect Home, a tome I adore.

Poppies by John Derian

Blooms by Kate Spade

Geranium, another great one by Virginia

Bring on the charm- Bernard Maisner's Hand Painted Snake

A signature drink always gets people excited,  it always has me at hello. Cucumber Lemonade Vodka from Linda and Harriet

Hand Painted Elephant, by Bernard Maisner

Please Join Us from Blue Pool Road

Sea by John Derian for an old timey feel

Surfing is BIG, from custom surf boards at Saturday Surf to their Pret a Surf collab of striped and polka dot rash guard shirts and board shorts. Carter Kustera's Surfer Bro invite says it all.

Oops they spelled Darien wrong, but we forgive. Betsy Ross Handiwork by Mr. Boddington's Nephew says 4th of July with quirk.

Popsicles for everyone! Popsicle Pattern from Linda and Harriet

Burger Beer from the Indigo Bunting captures the perfect burger a la artist Robert Rauschenberg.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Photos courtesy of Samuel and Sons
 Wide tape trims can easily transform a pillow, upholstery and a window treatment with their graphic presence. They are just the kind of decorative details that make custom design creations so special. The new Corinthia Collection of embroidered wool and linen tapes from Samuel and Sons command attention with their classically-inspired architectural and tile design elements. The unique color range means there is something for everyone, and I love the lush texture and surface relief that the pattern and applique provides. Available in 2.75 inch or 5 inch borders, the only limit is your application imagination.

Palladio in Pear

in Onyx

Greek Fret in Camel

in Tandoori, a favorite of mine

in Teal

in Crimson

in Porcelain

in Greige

in Leaf

in Lemon

Ogee in Alabaster

in Dove

in Wedgwood

in Ganache

in Navy

in Onyx

For Kelly Wearstler's second collection of trims with Groundworks at Lee Jofa, the palette is a muted, dusty color story, filled with vintage-inspired patterns.  She brings her own brand of luxe glamour to her fabric, wallpaper and trim designs, always pushing the colors and patterns beyond what we expect, innovating every step of the way. Dipped fringe, subtle ombred  details and gradient hues combine in a sophisticated assortment of widely usable trim, predominantly tapes.

Photos courtesy of Lee Jofa
Left column: Dipped Fringe in Rose TL10124-717, Dipped Fringe in Truffle TL10124-616, Dipped Fringe in Graphite TL10124-188, Macrame in Oatmeal TL10125-16, Macrame in Graphite TL10125-188, Macrame in Raisin TL10125-917 Center column: Macrame in Mushroom TL10125-166, Macrame in Linen TL10125-106 Macrame in Rose - TL10125-717 Right column: top to bottom: Cockscomb in Raisin TL10128-917, Cockscomb in Oatmeal TL10128-16 Cockscomb in Graphite TL10128-188, Spun Linen in Ebony TL10129-818 Spun Linen in Raisin TL10129-917, Spun Linen in Oatmeal TL10129-16 Tapestry Tape in Rose TL10123-717, Tapestry Tape in Truffle TL10123-616 Tapestry Tape in Oatmeal TL10123-16 

Cockscomb, a cool braid with a geometric pattern in the middle of each brush-surrounded section is really innovative. Shown in the color of the moment, Gold. Some more of the off colors, below.

in Graphite

in Juniper

in Raisin

in Truffle

The ombre pattern Bandeau with a cut v pattern in viscose sits next to Jewel Weave, a basket weave texture.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


When the California-based internet and catalog lifestyle brand Serena and Lily considered their first retail store, Winscott, Long Island was a location they felt best embodied the sunny, print-cenric bedding/furniture/entertaining (and soon, fashion) brand.  What began as a children's bedding line has grown into a full-fledged lifestyle vision, sold through a website filled with beautiful, evocative photographs containing their upholstery, pillows, entertaining essentials, embroidered and printed bedding, art finds and more.
Their new seaside venture brings their easy breezy Sausalito, CA aesthetic to the artist haven that is Wainscott. And it isn't a pop-up, the store will remain there for S and L enthusiasts on a yearly basis. The Hampton have long been a place for artsy types-- from painters Jackson Pollock to Erik Fischl to writers and sculptors. By embracing everything their new Montauk Highway location has to offer, their Beach Shop is filled with specially sourced items, over 200 to be exact, that push their colorful creative concept forward. They have beaded jewelery from France, realist paintings from their favorite artists of the moment that will be changed out from time to time, and dinner party thank you arrangements created by the Brooklyn-based floral denizen, Emily Thompson. Serena has made her love of the surf real with custom surf boards, and specially printed sarongs featuring summer scenes. Interior designers out East will find in their on-premises design services particularly useful, where clients can sit and scheme upholstery and bedding to create rooms with comfort and their special brand of coziness. If you are an interior designer, you can join their Designer's Circle Program, and receive 20% off retail.
Their light-filled brick and mortar venture is much more than a shop, it serves as a home base for the brand to play with their favorite crisp and clean things and innovate in an incubator-like setting that channels their creative spirit. Sun and summer are a great time to relax, and enjoy the home Serena and Lily have built to share their California dreaming vibe.

The minimalist facade with black and white striped awning and garage door entrance.

 Serena, the creative force and Lily, the brains behind the biz.

 An all white interior is the perfect backdrop to show color and festive pattern against.

Realist paintings are hung salon-style behind the register.

Clean streamlined white tables hold tons of entertaining essentials like placemats, candles, trays and bowls.

 A wall of blue and white pillows, picnic baskets and Fouta towels.

French Bistro Chairs paired with blue and white accessories.

 Their blue and white geo pillows all in a row.

 The other wall with a bookcase filled with patterned pillows, ice buckets and towels.

 Cool custom surf boards call to Montauk wave catchers.

 White woven plastic storage bins under the table are great for keeping kids rooms organized.

A teak sling chair and blue and white beach towels will have you ready to hit the sand.

Don't even get me started on the artwork. Abstract and realist pieces with colorful canvases take up the entire wall behind the register. I was crazy for the tiny palm tree you see on the left.

The rest of the art gallery wall-- yes, I covet it all.

 Tiny Tina Frey resin dogs all in a row. I mean, how adorable.

Need a sun hat? Yeah, they've got that.

Peek into the refinished antique display vitrine for summery jewels sourced from up and coming designers.

Serena's graphic prints made up into plastic and wood trays and napkins.

This giant red lacquer footed tray is dynamite in person.

This light-filled room is where interior design projects will take place.

A large work table in the center of the room serves as the fabric-scheming hub for creative concepts to take shape.

A lush floral arrangement by Emily Thompson.

A nautical blue and white bedding ensemble with cherry printed shams peeking out. A charming two seater bench sits at the foot of the bed.

 Whimsical wicker mirrors by a crisp cotton bed made up in fresh summer prints.

Back-to-back twin beds take on a creative look worth a closer look. 

French Bistro chairs surround a rattan two-tiered table filled with shams.

 Brightly bordered shams are the best way to take an all-white bed into summer mode.

The brand new embroidered Links pattern in Royal Purple is sharp.

 Delish shams await. I am enamored with the new purple sham they have recently added.

A green themed scheme, with a stool, sun hat, clutch and cozy herringbone throw.

 Buoys painted in Serena and Lily signature colors show their red/pink/purple family. Choose from over 40 original paint colors to transform your home through paint.

 The green and beige family.

And if you enter through the door, you will be welcomed with sarongs and beach bags...

More totes, printed pouches and sarongs.

Encased by a two walls of windows, this light-filled room stole Serena and Lily's hearts. The "living room" is a chill seating area with cozy sink-in seating and graphic artwork.

 Like a living room should be: well-lit, comfortable and conducive to entertaining.

A  tufted ottoman holds a wood tray and tomes.

Natural light woods and wovens make the far wall of the living room interesting.

Their rattan bar  cart can be ready to serve in a snap.

A rattan swing that seats two is ready for you.

In the back you get to see their entertaining prowess.

 The long teak table is ready for group dinners and fun-filled summer evenings.

Pretty white Hydrangeas complement the table runner.