Thursday, August 9, 2007


Photo courtesy of Penkridge Ceramics
These fruits and veggies look so real you will want to show them in your living room not in the kitchen where they will be mistaken for the real thing. Stunning color and intricate detail come together to create a beautiful masterpiece. Even the leaves on the stem have realistic tiny holes from where the caterpillar got to them.
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Photo Courtesy of Penkridge Ceramics
Monochromatic fruits and vegetables have a striking appearance. The starkness of their color allows the intricate detail of each piece to show. These life like porcelain pieces are available through Penkridge Ceramics

Photo Courtesy of Asiaphile
A pineapple is the sign of welcoming, so I cannot think of a better instant greeting then this on your evening bag! Light and summery from Asiaphile

Photo Courtesy of Pablo Mekis
Welcome one and all to your home when you have these throw pillows gracing your sofa. Available through Pablo Mekis

Photo Courtesy of Homart
A geometric pattern with fruit are fresh traditional. These porcelain vessels are great for the garden room and friends that love style. From Areo Home

Photo Courtesy of Charleston Gardens
Enamelware is great for inside and outside entertaining. Add some freshness to the table with these Cabbage and Radish place settings from Charleston Gardens

Porcelain flowers by Vladimir are painstakingly detailed to resemble the real thing. Available through Vladimir Collection

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