Monday, July 16, 2007


Photo Courtesy of Snapdragon Collection
Personalized needlepoint slides are a chic statement. The black color looks great against green grass. Perfect for the Croquet tournament. Check out the color options at The Snapdragon Collection

Photo Courtesy of Iomoi
Clean lines of lucite and graphic geometrics of the pattern converge so well in this tray from Iomoi. Check out the other offerings--all totally inovative, fun motifs that look great with your monogram!

Fall fashion is just hitting the stores now (every year it seems to get earlier). You will need a place to put all those new frocks, so stock up on these:
Photo Courtesy of
Monogram hangers! Choose your color--chocolate brown, pink or blue are nice--- and your style---the triple letter monogram chicest---and then expect a 14 day delivery time. By then you will have plenty to hang! Place your order by phone from

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