Wednesday, October 3, 2007


At this time of year, you get the nagging feeling that the thank you notes you need to send out for the summer fun, showers and parties may be a bit overdue. If that is the case, I will make your life easier by guiding you to some new stationery that sends a message.

Photo Courtesy of Elum
Swank. A stylish box sits neatly awaiting you. Contents are influenced by vintage wallpaper patterns and their very presence in the mailbox makes the US postal service look better. Find it at Elum Designs

Jonathan Wright and Company of Los Angeles has been a big part of the momentum for classic revivals. His cursive, scroll work and botanicals in the English tradition are a welcome addition to the paper realm. Deemed Extravagant Postage, this Ready-to-Mail series has affixed stamps with American historical objects on them. For those who embrace the charms of the past, these are perfect for antiquarians. To order call 888-931-1710.

Photo Courtesy of Boatman Geller
Photo Courtesy of Boatman Geller
Classic basics in punchy colors are nice to have on hand when jotting a thank you. The calling cards and stickers are also worth a look at Boatman Geller

Photo Courtesy of Blue Ribbon Design
Letterpress note cards from Blue Ribbon Design take inspiration from classic Victorian flourishes. The soft pastels and charming detail are girly and sweet. See the range at Blue Ribbon Design

Photo Courtesy of Blue Ribbon Design
The Chinoiserie Folio comes with 8 letterpress cards and envelopes in a pretty pale blue. The geometric pattern against the soft overall floral is what really makes this special.

Photo Courtesy of Apiary
Photo Courtesy of Apiary
Photo Courtesy of Apiary
Flocking, outsize damask pattern and modern font make this option new. The stellar combination and contrast colors will not get lost in the mail!

Photos Courtesy of Sharp and Sally
Former editor Sarah Sharp has a graphic eye. Pretty color combinations like celadon
and chocolate are evergreen. Embrace your Preppy Handbook side, at Sharp and Sally

Photo Courtesy of Albertine Press
If you went to visit friends that live near a national park send them this cute take on their cities favorite public space. This letterpress woodblock style can be found at Albertine Press

Photos Courtesy of Charles Fradin Home
Furniture designer Charles Fradin has always found inspiration from growing up in New England. The comfortable luxury he designs is now imparted in writing paper. The wood boxes with sliding lids conceal a beautiful array of designs and small insignias. A classic weather vane, old typewriter and lighthouse evoke a genteel era where writing was an essential part of staying in touch. Make a swell statement with these, found at Charles Fradin Home

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Anonymous said...

Just be careful with Charles Fradin. He has taken our money and flat out lied about delivery or products. Unfortunately, our next step will be a lawsuit. There is a reason that John Rosselli no longer carries his furniture.