Sunday, March 2, 2008


Go for broke with animal prints. Upholster the walls, settee and pillows in it. Or else use less and go for the accent pieces. Working with spots and zig zags can be a challenge. As long as you use the same fabric throughout, do not fear. The pops of zebra shown here are ways to get the look without feeling like you are at the zoo.

Black and white has again come around in a big way, just look at what is coming from Maison et Objets. Clean crisp and comfortable, the combination comes and goes every few seasons, each time it gets more creative.

Quadrille has 2 great new animal prints on cotton. They are striking and casual--perfect for a sunroom or study. Because the print is simple, it can have a lot of impact used on everything.

Photo Courtesy of Thistle and Bee
A Cheetah never loses it's spots and this beautiful frame from Thistle and Bee has spots galore.

Quadrille Fabric's other great new print has a pretty border that can be used creatively, as the leading edge on a window treatment, a skirt for a sofa....

Photo Courtesy of Thistle and Bee
This zebra is clean and classic. The silver edging makes the pattern stand out. Check for a retailer near you at Thistle and Bee

Photo Courtesy of DwellStudio for Target
Brand new from Target, DwellStudio brings it's whimsical bedding for big and little people to Target. Their creative prints are current and use interesting color combinations. Founder Christiane Lemieux began Dwell in 1999, bringing modern textile design and pattern to bedding in a fresh new way. She has a great design background and would always amaze me with her bold new introductions at the Gift Shows. The design sleuths at Target sought her out, and voila, it is a great match. Get this adorable, soft and cozy rug now, from Target

Photo Courtesy of Toss Designs
When serving guests dessert, isn't is nice to do it in a fun way? Serve black and white cookies on these sweet little plates from Toss Designs

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times
Scalamandre, the wonderful fabric house I worked for way back when, made a great decision to relaunch its famous Zebra wallpaper. Gino's Italian Restaurant, here in New York, is known for the running zebra's on its walls (lest we forget the spaghetti that is going cold because of staring at them). The paper was then used in the Royal Tannenbaums, and its place was again secured as a new old classic.

Photo Courtesy of Postobello Home for Drexel Heritage
A touch of stripes may be all you need. The Kenya mirror of zebra printed cowhide from Postobello Home for Drexel Heritage is just that.

The pattern is great, but then again, the animal is also adorable. This regal zebra in a round frame just might look better on the wall then your relatives. Hunt him down at Natural Curiousities

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Love the ideas you posted on animal prints, they always seem like such a challenge to incorporate in a room.