Saturday, February 9, 2008


Who can resist the punchy jolt of energy sunny bright yellow adds to a room? Especially in the throws of winter, this hot color is on trend and looks great with black accents.

Small cherry blossoms adorn these chic Raynaud china plates. Because the pattern is in white on a yellow ground the flowers and branches add a graphic touch. Add some blooms to your dining table from Michael C Fina

Sferra Brothers
Sferra brothers 1891 line, an energized, colorful, trend forward collection, recently introduced bright bold patterns that played with tradtional patterns on a larger scale. They were great introductions. But it is also nice to add touches of color to an all white bed, like shams and a neck roll in a great shade of yellow with a nice pin dot accent, from 1981 by Sferra. Mix this with whites you already have and bring your bed into the tropics.

Studio Printworks at Hinson
This printed wallpaper with freely scattered flowers and stems add a sense of whimsy and youthfullness in a very French 1940's way. The hand drawn feel of the blooms has just the right amount of sweetness.

Photo Courtesy of Jack and Lulu
Add sunny yellow to your desk with your writing papers. This sunny geometric from Jack and Lulu is bright and uplifting, get yours Jack and Lulu

A printed floral pillow spices up a sofa and works well with chocolate brown, black, red and teal. What a great new piece! This was recently launched at the International Gift Fair. See the other new goodies from Hable Construction

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