Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Photos Courtesy of Vivre

Decorati, the high end to the trade interior design website, will add VIVRE to its offerings. The editorially- based luxury catalog and website of VIVRE has been built by the ever chic Eva JeanbartLorenzotti, showcasing a stunning selection of glamorous, elegant and well edited decorative accessories that complements the Decorati ethos.

Offering 400 trade-only manufacturers and showrooms in one place, Decorati is a shopping site platform offering a vast selection of new and antique furniture and decorative arts, and the private collections of interior designers. Designers can email their clients folders of pieces they have preselected. Consumers can browse, find an interior designer, and send their designer pieces they like. In addition, designers can add their rooms and featured Decorati pieces will be listed.
They have attracted a strong list of design building resources. Tucker Robbins, Helene Aumont, Vaughan, Clarence House and Chelsea Textiles to name a few. Get a quote, or obtain tear sheets from local trade resources, a great function of the site. The search engine provides pointed and specific results.
I can only hope that every showroom signs up--- shopping the D and D Building from your desk is a great time saver.
Vivre is a great pairing with this shopping resource.

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