Monday, August 4, 2008


Photo Courtesy of Christopher Rollinson
Whimsical and fun, this room instantly brightens any mood. This room is sure to be a great conversation piece. There is no better way to bring the outside in. Living in harmony with nature....

Photo Courtesy of Christopher Rollinson
Why not make a statement with your walls----say something about yourself. Decorative painter Christopher Rollinson taps into his client's passions and personalities, translating them into the tableau of their home. He can paint just about anything. Check out his beautiful work at Christopher Rollinson and his paint line, Rollinson Hues--impressive.

In order to target what colors you are drawn to, read the following books to see how color works in a variety of settings:

The Way We Live With Color is a continuation of The Way We Live series, an exploration of ways of living around the globe from Stafford Cliff. The book examines monochromatic colors, blues, reds and pinks, yellows and greens and finally, colors from natural objects. The soft, moody photos from Gilles De Chabaneix are not overstyled and represent real homes.

Photo Courtesy of Echo Designs
When I found out that Meg and Steven Roberts had written this great book on color, I wanted to learn more about it. So I called up Meg, who invited me up to visit the Echo showroom and chat about the book. What a treat it was. Getting a tour of the showroom and seeing where the creative process happens was wonderful. The finished product--scarves, gloves, and wonderful knits and prints are always on trend and luxurious. From shooting friend's houses and scouting in Connecticut, Meg and Steven culled a great series of photos. They arranged the book chapters by each color and it's usage, exploring how surfaces changed when a certain shade was applied. The pop of color against white and with the backdrop of nature make the exterior shots unique. Seeing is believing, and this book teaches to embrace color, and do not be afraid!!!!

Photo Courtesy of Echo Designs
The magic of red brings this room to life. The great moldings help the high gloss color look even more divine. Pick up a copy of the book for truly inspired examples at Stewart Tabori and Chang, and also look at the fun designs Echo has done with Kravet in showrooms and retailers that carry fabrics and papers. Echo has a home presence in addition to their well known prints and knits, and this book shows their expertise.

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