Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Finally! The long awaited second book by Jeffrey Bilhuber, a designer with a large celebrity clientele, is here. Displaying color saturated rooms shot in clear and bright photos, it is a treat to look at. Bilhuber, who started his firm in 1984, is a master at seating arrangements, creative applications of tape trims, applying nailheads in unexpected new ways, and wall colors that play off of upholstery fabrics. I prefer color saturated shots in coffee table books, so this follow up to his first book is a welcome one. The book is broken up into categories all relating to luxury. He defines it through the following areas: Discovery, Passion, History, Ornament, Grace, Comfort, and Delight.

Beautiful antiques mingle with clean silhouettes

This charming petal adorned mirror looks down at a comfortable nook--a Bilhuber signature. The pop of color from the pillow provides excitement for the eye

Bright yellow armless side chairs make the serious dark wood panelling less so

Don't hold back--let the pattern take hold! The curtains, sofa and bridgewater chair make the room fun and young. Never underestimate the charm of a well-placed slipper chair (one of my favorite things)

Bilhuber teaches some great lessons about how to display objects. This Chinoiserie piece is large but the books and accessories ground it in the space

Photographs by Trel Brock,courtesy of Rizzoli
It's all about the lines. A klismos and a campaign chair can be at home next to a french settee. See all 256 pages by ordering yours at Rizzoli
available in October


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