Monday, October 20, 2008


A nice follow-up to Elements of Style, Michael S. Smith's second book, Houses, delves into the five year process of doing his home and over 20 projects. The work shown tends to look more Old World, lived- in and relaxed. There is an ease and a less "done" look that provides inspiration and awe. This foray showcase's and the range of design styles he works in, from minimalist to arts and crafts and beyond. Get your copy now from Rizzoli. Smith has done home furnishings collections and fabrics under his Jasper line, and lines with Kallista for bath and kitchen, Ann Sacks for tiles, Mansour for rugs, Visual Comfort for lighting and home fragrance with Agraria.
Photo Courtesy of Rizzoli
Textiles, auction catalogs, books and travel provide endless ideas for Smith. His amazing visual recall is a virtual mental encyclopedia. He can remember coveting auction pieces in catalogs from years ago and when they are on the block again, he pounces. When you see a good thing, it is worth going after.

Photo Courtesy of Rizzoli
The book is organized in three parts, the first one focuses on his Bel Air home shown here. His dogs are so adorable! The black dog is the mascot for his Jasper fabric line. Part II focuses on the process, with insight on how he collaborates with clients and where he gets his inspiration. Then, a variety of residences from a Malibu villa to a Martha's Vineyard clapboard house are explored.

Photo Courtesy of Rizzoli
Gorgeous photos take you into each home, and the elegant writing of House Beautiful's Christine Pittel creates a dialog between the reader and designer. You feel as though you are sitting with him, and he is telling you these stories.

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