Sunday, November 2, 2008


My friends Luca and John of Bungalow 5 design chic and nicely priced furniture and accessories. Each season they ratchet up their impressive designs and come out with something to tempt me. Their verre eglomise mirrors are beautifully done. They chose to portray classical subjects--from ornithology to palaces and warrior figures, they work well in traditional interiors and ground modern ones. Verre eglomise, first done in 18th Century France, is painting on the back of a gilded glass panel , which in this case, has been antiqued, so it is more artwork than a mirror.
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Photos Courtesy of Bungalow 5
I am showing a series here, because they look wonderful en masse. I just can't get enough pagodas on Quadrille fabrics, painted wallpapers--I love them as a classic theme symbolizing a folly, something built to enjoy and amuse. Here, the The Autumn Pavilion

The Winter Pavilion

The Spring Pavilion

The Summer Pavilion

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