Thursday, March 5, 2009


You may own the book, you have seen the furniture with Baker, here are the fabrics. Hutton Wilkinson worked with Jim Thompson Silks to create a collection of dazzling fabrics. Tony Duquette was a good friend of Thompson's, so it is a natural fit to do a collection with the house today. Glitz and glam, the Duquette fabric line is based on his archives and classic imagery of Malachite, Coral Branches and Ermine Tails. Wilkinson created a line with luscious jewel tones and energetic prints, making a style statement that can be used boldly, as well tonally. The brochure was photographed at The Dawnridge Estate, the inspiration for many of the collections. It showcases the Baker furniture line, accessories, and Duquette baubles with moody lighting and great panache.

Photos by Dana Maione
A screen covered in Golden Sunburst, a silk jacquard weave with a large scale sunburst motif, comes in red lacquer and gold and blue. The back pillows are of Asia Major, a silk blend offered in an array of jewel tones. Then in front, the semi precious stone is center stage with the Gemstone malachite print.

For major glamour, use the prints together. The pelmet of Tibetan Sun, a silk and cotton embroidered motif, is shown with panels of Asia Minor, a nice coordinating patten. Intricate Moroccan grillwork and inlay influenced the Gemstone Grillwork pattern on the middle pillow. This relaxing lair with the warm night air is party ready. Don a caftan and some large jewelry and you are ready to step into this picture.

The White Gemstone print is for a fab moment. It also comes in lapis lazuli blue, rose quartz pink, beige and honey-toned onyx.

Get your Om on with the Gemstone print in Emerald green.

Duquette jewels make the perfect curtain tieback.

The solid silk Fireworks has tone on tone glam. When Duquette did the costumes for the Tony-winning original Broadway production of Camelot, he created them out of Jim Thompson iridescent silks. This collection was destined to be glamorous from the start.



The fabric used in the green cushions in the first picture is my favourite. Really nice fabric selections.

custardbydesign said...

great images for this post...the gemstone looks fantastic...such a strong colour

Regina at Fauxology said...

LOVE these fabrics. The photographs really put them in a beautiful light.

Unknown said...

hello! I came upon your fantastic blog while trying to find the Jim Thompson fabrics for my apt. So nice when Google send you somewhere special! Have signed up to follow it, look forward to seeing new posts.
That being said, can you help me find out where I can get the Fireworks fabric in NYC? Would appreciate it...e

Anonymous said...

I have access to the Jim Thompson collection. Please let me know what pattern and color you are interested in.

Fireworks is especially fabulous.
The Tonight Show set designers selected Jim Thompson's "Golden Sunburst" for the main curtain. What an excellent choice!

I will be happy to help you get Jim Thomspson's fabric in your home or apartment.

Karen Brown, ASID