Thursday, October 22, 2009


The Brits always come up with covetable design. If you are on the hunt for some fresh, contemporary embroideries, look no further. Vaughan Designs, the British company known for their extensive lighting collection, carries terrific fabrics. The soft color palette and modern design add a sophisticated touch that can read city or country.

Selendi, ivory linen with embroidered Medici insignia in dark red.

Tinos, ivory linen with eau de nil embroidery is a soft botanical.

Milas, ivory linen with embroidered pattern in pink and green has an animal and Turkish feel, depending how you look at it.

Keros, in ivory linen with embroidered red coral pattern is an abstracted pattern that makes a nice filler fabric.

Penglai, ivory linen with embroidery in eau de nil has a subtle geometric pattern.

Samos, ivory linen with red embroidery with a bold pattern that would work in an Austrian Schloss or English interior.

Samos in green.

Antalya, ivory linen with red embroidery of vines and flowers.

Seto, ivory linen with embroidery in blue channels David Hicks.

Andros, an ivory Linen with hand embroidered motif in pale blue & coral is remeniscent of early American quilts.

Hydra, ivory linen hand embroidered in pale blue, pale green and coral.

Leros, ivory linen with embroidered damask pattern in eau de nil can work in an arts and crafts interior.

Leros in red.

Photos courtesy of Vaughan
Kos , ivory linen with an embroidered leaf motif in blue, green & red has a small repeat perfect for pillows.

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P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

these are just wonderful-thanks for letting me know about it! have always loved their lighting. la