Monday, May 24, 2010


When Claremont feted British interior designer Penny Morrison and her new fabric line last fall, I saw the fabrics and was instantly smitten with their joie de vivre, charm and versatility. Morrison has been designing classic interiors and small hotels in England and around the globe for the past 30 years. The fabrics came from a love of pattern, and the chance to share a vision. Their ethnic feeling and sophisticated palette of jewel tones is unique. The prints join the other fabric lines in the blockprint movement Carolina Irving, Lisa Fine, Pintura Studio, John Robshaw, Kathryn Ireland, Rose Tarlow early adapters Robert Kime and Michael Smith.




Haveli in yellow

Haveli in blue

Haveli in red

Ella May

Helena in Indigo

Kalinidi in blue and yellow

Pasha Sprig in green

Pasha Sprig in blue

Helena in indigo

Carla in lilac

Carla in brown

Carla in blue

Anya in red

Anya in green

Anya in brown

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lisaroy said...

so pretty! those brits sure know their fabric and colour! : )