Thursday, August 12, 2010


When Ann Feldstein, Kravet's Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, approached me about writing a Kravet Newspaper story on how I became a blogger, I was thrilled for the opportunity. To set down my thoughts on how the blog has evolved, I assessed the past four years of churning out posts every day in daily design diary. The wonderful people I interact with, what I choose to write about, and the photography I select has inspired me to inspire others. I was able to feel a true appreciation for the context and the dialog a blog allows. I entered blogging through the back door, and I have loved every minute of writing, getting to know other bloggers and even more designers and highly creative and wonderful people along the way.


Anonymous said...

Marisa, the thing I like best about your blog, aside from your exquisite taste, is the fact that you are such a kind person, and that genteel spirit comes through in every article you write.

Certain blogs in the design world appear almost catty, and that tends to scare off the average blogger, even the blogger with the money to buy top of the line products. On the other hand, you are approachable, and you have great style ideas. I always come away from your blog happy about some wonderful discovery found here.

Thank you for writing your blog not only for those who work in the design world, but for those to whom they cater. You are a person of substance, the real deal, and it shows.

A world of good wishes from a fan who delurked to say keep up the good work!

Hamptontoes said...

Great article! Congrats on the feature! I look forward to meet you next week.

kayce hughes said...

Well done!

mary said...

Hi Marisa,
This post is so beautifully written. Thank you for all of the up to the moment posts that move me to look into trends more in depth and search out the meaning for me and my little business. Mary

Marisa said...

Thank you anon, I so appreciate your gracious and kind words, that means so much

Hampton toes- we are going to have a great time together as bloggers unite for Nate!

Hi Mary! I hope your business is going well, and that I can provide some design inspiration!

Kayce, as always, thank you!