Tuesday, December 7, 2010


A photograph from a recent trip to India to shoot Irving and Fine's latest campaign.

From shooting Irving and Fine's blouse and coat line to globetrotting on photo assignments and creating plates, Miguel Flores - Vianna is keeping very busy.

I caught up with him and he shared why he took on this new craft:
"I love the pieces made by the English taste maker Teddy Millington-Drake. Some friends of mine own a lot of the ones he made and, besides being beautiful, they always made me think, how great he was to be a great artist, decorator and plate maker! I am also obsessed with Mediterranean ceramics so it was almost logical that one day, when I grew up, I wanted to make plates too!"

Our former boss Marian McEvoy knew of my secret wish, so one day she introduced me to Polly Mirrhum, a professional potter in upstate NY. Polly taught me the basics, and once some sort of parameters were established she started guiding me along as I became more ambitious. My plates, bowls and vases are not thrown-- that is a rather difficult to learn technique and I don't have the patience. So I work on a design motif and then with the help of a pattern I give my piece a shape. Polly then fires it. I was calling the process "cooking it" and Polly corrected me and said that the proper term is firing it."

Why tabletop? Why not! I wish I had more time to spend at Polly's studio, but my work as a photographer makes me travel a lot so I go upstate only sporadically. And this brings me back to Teddy Millington-Drake. I suspect he had a lot of fun doing all the many different things he got his hands on. That's is my aim too, to have fun whether it is taking pictures, making plates or trying to get myself on the next flight to Myanmar!

On todays Tastemaker's Tag Sale at Twilight (that's 9pm eastern time) on One King's Lane, an assortment of his swirled pottery pieces will be available, in addition to finds he has collected over the years of travel.


Hamptontoes said...

You are in the know about it all! You have to stop by and check out my blog, I had it redesigned.

mary said...

The marble plates are gorgeous. Anything faux marble immediately catches my eye. The best faux marble is even better than the real thing. Thanks.

kayce hughes said...

WOW. They are like works of art.

Laura said...

So unique! They almost look like they're from another world!