Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Find The CS at The Brentwood Town Green, 11973 San Vicente Boulevard

Photos courtesy of Hillary Thomas Designs
Their green exterior welcomes you to the shop

Tucked away in a shopping area in the beautiful suburb of Brentwood,California you will come across of vest pocket of a shop, called Chic Shop. Started by interior designer Hillary Thomas, a self professed "high class horder" and partner and co-founder, Clara Moore Hendon, the new shop carries chic little goodies they have found on vintage shopping jaunts around the country. Looking for a great porcelain frog to spice up a coffee table or a shade to make that new lamp extra special? You can find it here! The space also houses her interiors business, so you will often find her scheming away. It was here that I first got a glimpse of the new Meg Braff wallpapers with Hillary, whenI caught up with them on a recent Friday evening. As small world things go, I had been emailing with Hillary a few months back, and we discovered we were from the same home town, and used to ice skate together in Locust Valley when we were little! The minute I saw her at a dinner the evening before, it all came back, and I recognized the girl that was a mini-celebrity amongst us-- she was the girl on the Tasty Cakes commercials in the early 1970's!

Best friend since college, Clara and Hillary from their college days

Peacock Chairs sit in the window, and a great high gloss black bobbin table is filled with fantastic finds. These are also available through her website, if you cannot make a trip to LA.

Stocked with colorful accent pieces and glassware, they are channeling the fun wasp chic look of the 1960s and early 70's.

A vintage woven fiberglass table with Foo Dogs and bright accessories with a vintage vibe.

Bright chinoiserie pillows in a kelly green print are an easy way to add color to a room.

In her Finial Touch collection, semi precious stone finials named after songs come in brights and act as jewelry for lighting.

Her shades come in grasscloth, as well as preppy prints.

Cane drum lamp shades with colored borders take a lamp from ho hum to happy in an instant.

Multi-Colored Jeweled Sconces have small flowers made of glass in blue and green colors.

Door knockers hang on the wall behind a set of vintage glassware, trays and fun objects.

The Chic Shop manifesto is about having fun with flair:

To us, “Vintage Chic” is synonymous with Slim Aarons, the famed mid-century photographer who made his career out of what he called “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.” Aarons had this unique ability of
capturing everything we love about that era in an authentic way - he never used a stylist or make-up artist. Most noted for his iconic photography of the 50s and 60s jet-set, he captured
covetable lives in glamorous places. The time was pre-women’s lib, so ladies were still changing their outfits three times a day and sending hand-written invitations for dinner parties. With Europe out from under the war and the jet age in full swing, glamorous people suddenly had access to new exotic places, and this began to inform and influence a new sense of style. It was a fascinating time. People with the means and curiosity could engage new cultures like never before. They brought a deep respect for traditional manners and mores, which became infused with a layered, worldly, and sophisticated style. This
juxtaposition of old and new brought about an entirely new design aesthetic and lifestyle that we champion called Vintage Chic
- Hillary and Clara

What's not to love?


kayce hughes said...

So fun. I love the cane lamp shades. Is she from LI or Conn?

The Glam Lamb said...

Oh! I definitely have to check this place out!! Thank you for sharing!

Andrika King said...

Great shop and a wonderful source for lampshades! I can't wait to check out the store in person!

Stylebeat/Marisa said...

Glam Lamb, you will love it- they are very buttoned up. Andrika, the shades are festive and fun. Kayce, she is from LV!