Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Some artists design such magical furnishings it is amazing they don't just go straight into a museum to be appreciated by millions. This is the case with an artist exhibition at Michael S. Smith's LA gallery. With craftsmanship and mastery of materials similar to that of iconic French designers Jean Royere and Pierre Chareau, artist Christopher Come forges a new path. Currently on display at Michael S. Smith's furniture gallery, Duke & Duke, in association with Cristina Grajales, the show reveals his exquisite glass and iron creations.
Smith, along with collaborator Maya McLaughlin, has created a haven for showcasing fantastical creations from European and American artistic furniture makers. Just think, you don't have to use your passport to appreciate these luxuries. Come's designs have a unique lightness and airiness to them, which is difficult to achieve when working in metal and glass. Strong linear patterns that form graphic repeats have a mesmerizing quality to them. Much in the same way Herve Van Der Straeten transforms metal, Come elevates it to a totally new, elegant place. These museum - quality pieces are alluring and visually arresting, so stop by and check them out when in LA at 8527 Melrose Avenue.

Photos courtesy of Christopher Come and Duke and Duke Gallery

Oblique Screen, 2003 in iron and glass

Round Coffee Table in iron, rock crystal and glass

Bench 2007 with a velvet seat and varied circles

Mirror, 2007 in brushed hand hammered iron and glass with silver leaf is a showstopper

Fire Tools, 2007 can go modern or minimal

Firescreen in iron and glass has a fabulous dynamic quality