Friday, February 10, 2012


But wait, there's more! Here are the rest of the orchid festooned tables from the NYBG Orchid Dinner held at the Mandarin Oriental. Every designer table was impressively styled, providing a plethora of inspiration and ideas.

Sebastian Li incorporated yellow orchids with a bright red and gold color scheme. Can you say beyond talented? I am still visually processing this one, how did he do those flowers?

Take it in, closer.

Alessandra Branca used her signature black and white striped fabric for her tableskirt and coral colored manzanita branches strung with tons of pure white orchids, surrounded by glowing votives. Pure perfection.

A long table by Tiffany and Co designed by Lambertson Truex with David M. Handy Events was next to the dance floor.

David Duncan Antiques used one of my favorite Josef Frank fabrics to create a tropical multi-colored fantasy.

Bowman Dahl Floral & Event Design created an orchid tree of blazing oranges, yellows and reds.

Richard Mishaan used a french blue silk tablecloth with a cluster of antique opalescent green glass vases in glass walled boxes the centerpiece.

Juan Montoya put orchids inside a 20th century birdcage, tying colorful strands of ribbon from it.

With nary a live orchid in site, Selena Van Der Geest created her snow white designs entirely out of cut paper.

Sherrill Canet's white orchids defied gravity. A zippy palette of bright green and steely gray was slick and modern.

Angelica Gomez embraced fluoro brights.


canvas prints said...

wow, look at that pink colour, very nice

Karena said...

Marissa Alessandra's table is gorgeous!! All are beautiful, to me hers if perfection!

Art by Karena

Tilton Fenwick said...

the paper orchids one is our fave- out of control!!