Thursday, April 18, 2013


You can hang them on the wall or use them for a picnic,  either way, the Oregon-based  Mad Platters highly detailed melamine designs are a wonderful addition. Highly - detailed, hyper-realistic fish, fowl, flowers and other archival document designs don these decorative plastic plates, the result of a recent Pinterest discovery. Available through Etsy, these well-priced pieces are sure to become summer beach and hostess gift basics.

Photos courtesy of The Mad Platters
Fish II with a yellow and blue fish swimming in opposite directions

A school of 6 blue fish cruising along

A Spotted Fish against a tiny pink pin dot background

A Pink Fish set against a geometric pink and beige design

A tropical Yellow Fish against a soft neutral graphic diamond pattern

A Blue Big Scaled Fish against a spiral design

Octopus tentacles spiraling toward the center of a white plate

The bloom is on the rose against a spotted rose and beige multi-colored ground

An archival Dandelion botanical print makes its way onto melamine

A field of detailed blue, beige and bold butterflies flutter on every inch of the plate

Who knew moths could looks so good?

An Antshrike with amazing coloring

A green bird perching on a branch

A Stilt on one delicate looking leg
A Heron midstep

A Madagascar Rail, posing

A Roseate Spoonbill framed by an ornate pink border

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