Monday, February 17, 2014


Photo courtesy of Backcountry
Lately it has been hard to go about your business without obsessively checking the weather app hour by hour. This long-winded winter has made stoics out of the best of us New Yorkers, even those that love snow.
Mother nature is dropping her velvet hammer on most of the country this winter, with bone-chilling temperatures and loads of snow and lingering black ice. The Northeast has been especially prone to the Arctic Freeze, Bombogenesis and all, and I am glad I purchased a substantial, puffy parka last year, for it has served me well this season.  Had I not acquired last years coat, the one above from Canada Goose seems well-suited to the rigors of North Pole- by way of New York City living, and seems to have surpassed Moncler and Postcard in popularity. Good luck getting your hands on one, most online retailers and stores are sold out.

Photo courtesy of LL Bean
All of the snow, ice and slush has left the city's sidewalks and corners treacherous, and The New York Times recently wrote a piece on the lack of available snow boots for sale in the city. Other media outlets, like New York Magazine, picked up the story thus creating a frenzy for boots, when they too, wrote about the dearth of winter-appropriate footwear. Even L.L. Bean lists their classic rubber-soled leather lace up boots as temporarily out of stock. I am not sure what happened to my dark brown bean boots I loved wearing in boarding school, but am glad I bought the mother of serious snow boots two years ago, when I stepped up to the heavy duty snow boot of ski lift operators/ pro ski bums everywhere: The Sorel Caribou. My feet have never been happier.
With no end in sight, at least the Olympics remind us someone is utilizing the snow and ice to the best of their abilities.


Capella Kincheloe Interior Design said...

Marisa - Spring has arrived here in Arizona, we'd love for you to come for a visit! I hear that Southern California has also been awarded an equally beautiful February. Come west!

Marisa said...

Capella- Would love to come visit! Hope you are having a good winter!!x