Sunday, September 23, 2007


Photo Courtesy of Putnam Rolling Ladder Co. Inc.
You may not have a wall of bookcases up to the ceiling, but perhaps you just need a great ladder. The source, Putnam Rolling Ladder Co. Inc.

Photo Courtesy of Nicky Haslam Furniture
I have long coveted this table for the chic proportion and parchment finish. Get yours at Nicholas Haslam, or go to his amazing shop in person, just off Pimlico Road.

Photo Courtesy of J. Crew
This charming Library Bookshelf Cardigan from J.Crew is perfect to wear while drinking tea in the library. Being bookish is now something you can advertise on your sleeve if you please.

The Middleton Collection, a brand new gift show resource will make custom bindings out of vellum, wallpapers, whatever you select. Their beautiful handmade work is stunning. A custom library is just what you need. Isn't it?

Photo Courtesy of Deborah Bowness
Wallpapers like The Genuine Fake Bookshelf from witty Brit Deborah Bowness look great in small spaces. Line a closet or do a powder room in this for impact. Find it at Deborah Bowness. Inject a little humor in unexpected places.

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