Sunday, September 23, 2007


Keep summer memories top of mind when the fall winds start to blow. These fragrance lines look great and smell even better. A candle is no longer just a candle. The wick width, container, labelling and outside package better be attention grabbing. But companies are going above and beyond the traditional wax in a jar, coming up with inventive versions of air fare. Wear a scent that you love and scent your home with it. I like the sweetness of white flowers, but for those that like something richer for winter, bois scents are huge.

The tropics of Hawaii inspired Malibu resident Gaye Straza Rappaport to create a white flower fragrance. Initially, the oil came in small roller ball bottle was the only way to enjoy the fragrance, but soon the brand grew to include candles, a spray and bath sponge. The store Dovecote in Connecticut understands that most Kai devotees like to buy in bulk. The plethora they carry is good for people like me that cannot get enough. Visit Dovecote to get your fix.

Photo Courtesy of Hei Poa
White flowers smell so clean and crisp. Tiare, a special Tahitian white flower oil bottled from Hei Poa is one of my favorites. Visit the island without the jet lag at Hei Poa

Photo Courtesy of Belle Fleur
Elegant script on matte chocolate glass, faux shagreen box and matches are all part of the details that make this candle so lovely. Belle Fleur candles complement their gorgeous flower arrangements. Check out the Index section of October Vogue to see one of Meredith's lush arrangements. The Mayan Tuberose is flying off the shelves at Barneys nationwide. The array of scents can be viewed at Belle Fleur. Look to them for diffusers and room sprays soon.

Mor Cosmetics found their inspiration in Edwardian chic this season with Flower and Narcissus. The hobnail glass vessel and slightly goth fabulous art on the packaging in black and yellow, a color palette to watch for more of, is new and fresh. Other packaging colors include red or kelly green paired with black. Be enticed at Mor Cosmetics

Edwardian informs and inspires Douglas Little on a daily basis. Modern Alchemy, his collection of candles, is growing to include, yes, chocolates! A little candlelight and chocolates--life's great pleasure. Using etched positive and negative glass, his art nouveau candles add a bit of art through their illumination. Each decoration is the leaf or flower of the scent. The bay laurel shown here is so delicate and sweet. The assortment is at DL and Company

Photo Courtesy of Anthousa
Anthousa, a home and personal fragrance company, means the perfect bloom. This brand defined itself with beautiful vessels for diffusers, then added candles and fragrance spray. Oil-filled glass decanters with a little silk tassel hanging from the neck look at home on the bathroom vanity and on the living room side table. Reuse the glass as a bud vase. Look at their delux 3 diffuser sets so you can have them everywhere, at Anthousa

Photo Courtesy of Seda France
Seda France wowed with their packaging when they began a few years back. A toile mini house box with tassle was a chic option for gift giving and made other brands realize how essential good packaging is. They have branched out into glass diffusers, like this Classic Toile Diffuser Set in Hyacinth from Seda France

Photo Courtesy of Dayna Decker
Dayna Decker Essence Couture Diffuser in White Tuberose is like having a modern sculpture that smells nice. This shiny bauble is a perfect for the Zaha Hadid followers homes. Observe other ultra glam home fragrances at Dayna Decker

Photo Courtesy of Slatkin and Co.
Cheap and cheerful choices come from Harry Slatkin, the fragrance man. Scentport™, their newest home fragrance system plugs into a wall outlet and offers continuous air beautifying. Modern and sleek, the device looks as good as your ibook. The Fresh Linen is nice fragrance to have around. Check out the next frontier at Bath and Body Works

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