Tuesday, May 12, 2009


When it comes to clearing out for charity, the following designers used creative display design to their benefit:

Elizabeth Bauer Design brought her booth to life with a flocked dog wallpaper.

Hable Construction channeled the inner artist with craft goody bags.

Charlotte Moss sold garden goods in her potting shed booth, full of plants and herbs.

The fur coat for sale makes the moment very Edie Beale.

Carolina Irving sold pillows in her sweet fabrics.

Carolina Irving and Lisa Fine together have Irving and Fine, and sold their gorgeous blouses at a steep discount.

Real Simple editors went for saffron yellow and teal.

The space was filled with great lamps in crisp white finishes.

Their polished area was move- in ready.

Country Living had a huge booth, complete with a penny candy table and new branded bedding and tabletop.

The rustic life, captured in framed magazine shots.

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Alicia said...

I LOVE the chai in Elizabeth Bauers nook!!!! I could buils a whole room around that piece...gorgeous!!!!