Friday, May 8, 2009


California's La Cienega Boulevard Design Quarter will get some much deserved attention over the next three days with the first Legends of La Cienega Design Walk. By celebrating design icons in window vignettes, today's LA interior designers reinterpret the work of home decor legends. Benefiting Habitat for Humanity Greater Los Angeles and sponsored by Elle Decor, a variety of design events are taking place through this Sunday, including book readings and panel discussions. Check out the full schedule at Elle Decor Legends.
For the shops that did not partake in the LA Antique Show, this is a way for them to get traffic. Over 40 decorative arts and antiques dealers in the area, the leading design district on the west coast, have banded together to form a supportive design alliance. This area needs all the interior designer rallying it can get, since fashion boutiques like Monique L'Huillier are slowly taking over.
Alluring window dressing was no problem for these designers. Below are some reasons to rubberneck:

Madeline Stuart honors Dorothy Draper at Downtown

McMillen, as created by Thomas Buckley at at Therien & Co.

Anthony Hail, presented by Jeffrey Hitchcock at Ralf's Antiques & Fine Arts

Sister Parish, exuberantly brought back by Joe Nye at Navona Antiques

At Paul Marra, a touch of zebra in a salute to Michael Taylor by Suzanne Tucker

Tony Duquette, channeled by Hutton Wilkinson at Baker Furniture

James Northcutt & Lou Cataffo, presented by Hendrix Allardyce at Jean de Merry

Chet Chidester, safari chic by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard at Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design

Tim Clarke celebrates Mark Hampton at George Smith

Kim Alexandriuk tented the space in yards of fabric creating a Gladys Belzer moment at Bausman & Company

Suzanne Rheinstein presents a celebration of the legendary Elsie de Wolf at Downtown

All photos courtesy of Mark Savage and Elle Decor
Kalef Alaton with a light touch by Kerry Joyce at Rose Tarlow


Arlynn said...

These are fantastic! I especially LOVE that safari chic look - fantastic!

I could almost (just almost) see a Thomaspaul framed print feeling at home in this space : )

How very said...

what a treat to walk past these inspired designs!

Renée Finberg said...

does it get any better ?

just divine images, i wish i could go .


magnaverde said...

I love this idea. Designers may have their own signature look, but a really good designer should--well, theoretically, anyway--be able to ratchet back his own personal tastes & design a room in any style, just as a really good musician can play a piece of music in any historic style.

Thanks to Carleton Varney's gorgeous book & the big DD show at the MCNY, lots of people have been channeling Dorothy Draper's optimistic approach in the last few years, and Jonathan Adler & fans have been riffing on David Hicks' Mod look for a while, but it's refreshing to see Elsie de Wolfe & the under-appreciated Anthony Hail given the spotlight for an encore treatment (even though Elsie wouldn't have gone for that scattershot arrangement of artwork on her beige screen). Three cheers to all the designers & firms who were willing to play dress-up in somebody else's style for this event. And thanks, Marisa, for the heads-up, since most of us wouldn't have known about this lighthearted tribute to some of the greats.

Ianny said...

That Chinoiserie one by James Northcutt & Lou Cataffo is interesting.

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