Monday, June 22, 2009


Photo Courtesy of Sperry Tents
No one likes to miss a good party. Regatta's tend to be well attended, and often spill out onto the lawn. With the rain we have been having on the east coast, safeguard your party with a Sperry Tent.

Photo Courtesy of Crawford Contemporary Silver and Gold
If you are a sailor or know one, learning how to tie knots and when to use them is kind of important. Crawford, a British import, is now at 1044 Madison Avenue, offers a chic gift option for those that love high knots, spinnakers and Mount Gay Rum. Their Reef Knot Bracelets are made of marine rope and have silver or gold shackles. These are a constant reminder to learn the bowline and finally get it down pat. Visit their new shop or order online at Crawford Contemporary.

Photo Courtesy of Sea Bags
Sea Bags are made in Maine from old sails. They are green, since recycling is in full effect, and they will take donated sails and turn them into bags. Buy a bag and send a sail to them at Sea Bags.

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