Monday, December 7, 2009


Known for its serene and calming qualities, TURQUOISE, as a member of the blue family, reminds us of the ocean and the sky. It was just named the color of 2010 by Pantone, the color authority. It is a happy suprise, since we have been seeing it for the past year, in everything. As pale aqua, summery and bright, as true turquoise like the stone, and as a deeper peacock teal. From paint to flocked wallpaper, the color is a statement maker and not for the timid. Come February, we all will want to escape to a turquoise tropical paradise. The color just has that Carribean vacation quality to it.

Photo Courtesy of Liz Victory
Hit the beach with a splashy touch of turq from Liz Victory Designs.

Photo Courtesy of Kotur
Fiona Marin Kotur knew the color was hot when she created the Raffia Carnivale Clutch. From Kotur.

Photo Courtesy of Bounkit
Turquoise jewelery makes everyone look good. This knockout is from Bounkit.

Photo Courtesy of Vivre
Waylande Gregory's Turquoise Small Phoenix Bowl from Vivre adds a small hit of the color.


Precious and Pink said...

I'm in love with turquoise! I'm so glad it made color of the year.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Love turquoise as well and not surprised that the new year will incorporate more blues. Will I use it, no D : but will admire it from afar!