Monday, December 21, 2009


Deck your halls with delicious fragrances over the holidays and into the new year. Candles have become ubiquitous, but a few have the scent and package presentation that really rise to the top. Companies have come up with inventive new ways to diffuse air with a nice aroma. Potpourri being potpourri is still not pleasant-- wood chips in a bowl is never a good thing.

Photo Courtesy of Agraria
Years back, the Bitter Orange candle used to be their defining moment. After doing signature fragrance lines with Michael Smith and Charlotte Moss, Agraria has become chic again. One of their newer products, The TasselAire, is a scented tassel, and a great idea. You get the scent delivered in a pretty package, and can use it on a door knob, as a tassel, in a drawer or on a hook.

Photo Courtesy of Kai
After Fracas, one of my all time favorite fragrances is Kai. Well, it turns out Kai has a new Room and Linen Spray. Being surrounded by the exotic white flower fragrance at home makes nesting even more appealing.

Photo Courtesy of Anthousa
The Aegean Sea Collection, inspired by the landscape and light blue waters of the sea is one of the newest transporting scents from Anthousa. Sea Grass, cactus water, lime leaves, and green clover blend with sea notes to create a vacation anywhere.

Photo Courtesy of Belle Fleur
White Orchid Tea is the newest Celebration candle scent to hit from Belle Fleur. With a double wick and white glossy package, it a nice gift for a bridal shower, hostess or someone that adores a white flower fragrance with Champagne notes.

When entertaining at home over the holidays, a nice candle in the powder room always sets a nice tone. The mini's from Belle Fleur are understated in their tortoise glass casing.

Mayan Tuberose Fragrance Spray works well on linens. To sleep better spray away. Ring in the new year with a good night's sleep.

Photo Courtesy of Diptyque
Diptyque's Roasted Chestnut Candle reminds me of street vendors in Paris and is a Christmasy scent that is not too holiday. The red and gold packaging adds a festive glow.

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