Saturday, January 30, 2010


I made the rounds at the Pier today, for the first day of the New York Gift Show. As I write this, my feet are not happy. But I know I am not the only one sharing this sentiment, as the show was packed for the first day. I saw a lot of noteworthy new decorative furniture, accessories and soft goods. If you plan on going to the show over the next few days, this can serve as your hit list.
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If you can't make it, then check out some of the exciting new trends and elements that continue to hold steady. For artwork, soft goods and small accessories, there are delicate floral prints are taking the place of graphic geometrics. Colored lacquer accessories are still in demand and look fresh. Light woods remain strong for furniture and accessories, and Chinoiserie isn't going anywhere. For the past few shows there has been a rise in wonderful decorative prints and framed artwork. The rustic, aged patina finishes are continuing to hold their ground and aged woods and metals continue to prevail as in the ye old apothecary and barn chic look. Themes from the natural world remain popular-- the birds and butterflies have not all flown away just yet.

Here is my roundup of companies and products to look out for:

Dransfield and Ross did this new De Gournay scenic- inspired bedding with pretty bed hangings.


Homart's decorative bowl with painted insects and fruits was just right.


Large scale limited edition Paule Marrot prints dominated the booth at Natural Curiosities. Christopher Wilcox, the owner of NC, purchased the archive of Marrot, a well known French painter and textile designer prolific from the 1920's to the 1950's. Her work is whimsical and bold. A breath of fresh air.

Abstracted flowers float on a blue ground.

Two funny blooming plants sprout against a coral background.


Celestina continues to amaze me with their stunning inlay, mix of rare materials and sophisticated applications. Their side table with arches and mother of pearl top is exquisite.

The little lacquer tabouret is a work of art. Lacquer? Amazing. Celestina's artisans in the Philippines are moving beyond the expected.


The legendary interior painter Jeremiah did a series of limited edition signed and dated prints that are to die for. He came out with a book a few years ago, and seeing his legacy live on is wonderful. He is 85 years old, kudos. In addition to the prints there are notecards for a smaller dose of his work. They are displayed in the Dransfield and Ross booth, and available through Dean Rhys Morgan. Dean is based in London, and is at the show representing this collection.

Madame X's Bedroom New York 1947

Diana Vreeland, 2005


Bunny was at her booth, greeting visitors and buyers. Her first show with Beeline is sure to be a smashing success.

The booth was beautifully styled, down to the fresh flowers, tables filled with her books and artfully arranged seating areas.

Even after seeing the collection in her office, I enjoyed seeing how Bunny arranged her furniture and accessories in a booth of this size.

Her lighting is a strong point of her collection. This new piece is triangular lamp made of patterned wood that resembles shagreen. It his hard to tell the real from the faux!


Urns tend to grab my attention,especially when displayed on a pedestal. There is something more fun/less serious about the forms made in wood as opposed to marble. Zentique is doing well scaled furniture in this light finish.


Jardins du Jour (formerly en Fleur) is doing framed artwork in Chinoiserie and colorful scenics. The Francofiles out there will be in heaven.


Made Goods has expanded their robust line with more great mirrors (natch), and new accessories and furniture.

Shagreen alert: these tables from Made Goods are amazing.


Insanely fun earrings made the jewelry addition at Vellum a welcome one.


Antique inspired torcheres mount to the wall with a hand. The piece from Vagabond Vintage has character and an aged black and gold finish.


Their second year out! Oomph is back with new table designs and a small tufted chair.

The Oomph gals know how important bright color is for a happy and fun interior.

The new chair upholstered in a bright green fabric is on casters for easy mobility.

The stand looked spiffy filled with pillows and tables.


Harrison Howard said...

As a person who would love to go to the NY Gift Show in person it is terrific to see the things that caught your interest...great choices, and very revealing insights about trends in the markets. I hope you will post sequels, and that your feet survive the ordeal.

Judy said...

Loved reading about the NY show! Thank you so much! Keep it up....


carrie leber said...

nice rundown! I'm going tomorrow and love getting a preview of what's in store. Love especially seeing Bunny Williams and her booth, as well as Oomph.