Monday, April 19, 2010


Tracy DeRamus, a design aficionado, has a fondness for Old Florida furniture and accessories. Six years ago she opened a shop Circa Who in West Palm Beach to sell all her great vintage finds she was hording in her warehouse. Little did she know what she loved would soon be taking the design world by storm. From Regency to Chinese Chippendale, she has a ton of great stuff. Follow the striped awnings on the yellow building! Her amazing collection of pieces is ever changing, depending on what she comes across in her estate sale travels. The South Dixie shopping area in West Palm Beach has become the destination for vintage treasures, you can spend the day visiting a host of shops and come out with a whole house worth of goodies.

Some of Tracy's covetable finds:

Bamboo Table and Chairs just need a fresh coat of paint and a new cushion and voila, an adorable garden seating area is born.

The Tole Pineapple Chandelier is the ultimate welcome sign for a guest bedroom.

The Vintage Drop Front Desk would look great in turquoise lacquer....

The Chippendale Headboard in a shiny red would look fantastic.

A Starburst Mirror with a wonderful patina.

Tracy shared how she became involved in the vintage resale business:

"I started this as a hobby--I have always had a passion for the hunt --I get so excited when I spot that fabulous piece amongst a room full of ordinary things. My hobby began to take over my husbands warehouse so he encouraged me to open a shop. I came up with the name Circa Who for two reasons. First, because when I would go out buying dealers would say something like, "that is circa 1970 Karl Springer" and I would say, "Circa Who?!" Second, because I don't buy a piece because of when it is made or who made--I buy it because I LOVE IT!! I look for things other then ordinary. Fabulous things that can be used as found or can be refurbished to perfection. If I don't love it though, I won't buy it--There are so many fabulous things out there with so much life left! I find the pieces in my shop all over South Florida-- I shop everywhere one would shop to find a fabulous pieces from the past-- From yard sales to estate sales, from second hand stores to consignment shops, you name it, I am there.

I found when I would go out buying and would find things that were marked sold with Dawn DeCeasere's name on it. So, one day I left a note on a great set of brown faux bamboo chairs to call me if she wanted to sell them. Well, she called and I purchased the chairs and many other items over the next few months, and we decided to join forces."

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