Friday, April 16, 2010


Photos from Jo Malone

Collaborations between companies often result in exciting outcomes. The world of fragrance and interior design merge with the debut of a limited edition Jo Malone candle packaged in a glass container tinted in Farrow & Ball’s paint shades. The teaming up of two British luxury lifestyle brands makes sense. It introduces those that spritz on Vintage Gardenia perfume to colors they will want to tell their decorator about. With descriptive and distinctly British paint color names like Mouse's Back and Refrectory Red, the historically-based color palette caught on in the US for being pigment rich and sophisticated. Jo Malone started out giving the best facial in London, and grew to do fragrance, becoming known for her advice to wear a few scents at once, "layering" for a more textured effect. This collab. brings color and scent home in an entirely new way.

Lime Basil & Mandarin in Breakfast Room Green (No. 81) is a signature best- selling scent combination and paint color.

Pomegranate Noir in Eating Room Red (No. 43). The color is a deep, rich red and the scent is a great combination with the color.

Grapefruit in Farrow's Cream (No. 67) is light and frothy.

Blue Agava & Cacao in Oval Room Blue (No. 85) is vacation in pale, watery blue.

Wild Fig & Cassis in Pelt (No. 254) is deep, dark and mysterious. Get yours at Bergdorf Goodman, Farrow and Ball showrooms and retailers, Saks, and Jo Malone in May.


Fabulously French said...

I think that the two are a winning combination but then I am a little biased as I adore Farrow and Ball paint and have spent toiday painting our bathroom with it.

Bon weekend,



My favorite scents (grapefruit and lime basil) and paints-just used the China blue. Great find! best, barbara

NenaghGal said...

Well I'm pretty obsessed with both these companies - Jo Malone is my absolute favourite for perfume and candles and well Farrow & Ball - what can I them! Great to hear about the partnership!

Unknown said...

Absolutely, these are very pretty. In my view Breakfast Room Green is the best. I would pick this for my house.

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