Monday, October 4, 2010


The T. Anthony train wardrobe, made at the request of Marilyn Monroe in the 1950's

T. Anthony, purveyors of fine luggage and travel accessories to the chic and understated, has recently undergone a fantastic facelift at their 445 Park Avenue location. Long known for their signature red and blue canvas totes (often seen carried by young designers in the halls of the D and D Building) and contrast leather trimmed luggage, their designs have changed little over the years. This is exactly why I love T. Anthony. I know my luggage from seventeen years ago will last, can get minor repairs if needed, and still look as great as it did when I got it for Christmas all those years ago.

The company has a retail store in New York. They decided to freshen the space with TSC Design, and the architect created a light filled space with display shelves, mixing Walnut wood with matte brass detailing. Pop in to see the makeover or order from them online.

A geometric grid of shelves make each piece visible

New handbag designs are backlit for maximum effect.

As you enter, a light box lined in warm toned wood highlights the alligator and parchment beauties.

The blue set was Jackie O's choice in the 60's, and mine as well. Little has changed through the years, and that his why customers return for their core collection. A classic is timeless and forever classic.

Oh to have all three on my dresser would just be bliss. The new alligator jewel boxes are a sight.

The new suede lined large jewelry box with drawers and rectangular nickel pulls in a perfect shade of lavender has ample room for the costume jewels and the real stuff.

A great looking backgammon set is a must. This would look great in brightly colored leathers too. Just a though...

Skin is in. Their range of alligator bags and clutches is well done

Computer cases can be terribly ugly. Not this canvas version, with it's contrasting white trim and cute pocket.

6 comments: said...

Great post! I love the train wardrobe! Thanks for sharing!

kayce hughes said...

Love T Anthony! I have the green and brown.

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

How fabulous does this shop SMELL?????

T. Anthony was always at the top of my can see why in this amazing new showroom.

designchic said...

Oh, how stunning! I happen to love the blue as well...

quintessence said...

I must be losing it - thought I left you a note about how much I love T. Anthony. No matter - I'll tell you again! Didn't even realize they were redoing the store - will have to stop by - looks lovely. We have years of the wonderful albums from the pre-digital age. And I've always had a weakness for the beautiful rawhide luggage shown in one of middle shots - gorgeous but I suppose impractical. It's all classic but still relevant.

Stylebeat said...

Kayce, my sister got the red and I got the blue, I am sure it was the same with your siblings, everyone has to get something different!
Jane, you are funny, yes it is like new car smell!
Quint- thank you for your devoted comments!