Monday, October 25, 2010


With her sketchbook in hand, the stylish artist Caitlin McGauley is often seen dashing through the NYC streets. Stopping long enough to get an impression in watercolor, her subjects range from a great interior to fashionable moments that capture city style. This watercolor maven gets to the essence of her medium; in a wash of saturated color she captures intimate moments with personality and flair.

A West Village doorway ready for Halloween and the trick or treaters it will bring
A sunny yellow room of an artistic type with a bohemian tablecloth and stacks of books

Vintage mismatched lamps and geometric art with red upholstered white frame chairs bring this living room together

A dashing fashion darling sits poised for a fireside chat

A potted herb garden in blue and white pottery is the epitome of the new ruralist movement for city dwellers

Finally! Someone else that loves gorgeous tabletop as much as I do. Mix and match your china for a colorful melange.
Sweet yellow blooms are just as good as the real deal
Oreo French Bulldogs

Catlin's work caught my eye when she painted portraits at the opening party for the Hermes men's store, and then I saw her work in Lonny. I just love her charming style so much, I had to find out more. I caught up with her when she had just put down her brush.

Why is watercolor your chosen medium? It seems very difficult to master since it is such a sheer wash.

I started taking watercolor classes when I was 8. It's the first medium I ever used and I just always kept going back to it.

What are key traits you focus on so the sitter's personality really comes across?

It's not as much personality traits as it is distinguishing features. I love when someone has really big eyes or a nose that's a little off center. I play those things up to make it really feel like the person.

You are a style aware city gal. What do you love most about fashion?

Prints, patterns, and color. I'm so inspired by designers that do the mix so well, like Dries Van Noten or Etro. It's right up my alley.

What inspires you with interiors?

What I love about interiors is what I love about fashion- different colors and patterns converging. A mix of colorful upholstery, animal prints, or interesting wall coverings. I was just looking at pictures of Temo Callahan's apartment , the former director at Clarence House. He started an amazing wallpaper collection, Studio Printworks. What I like is that it has all these elements and it looks lived in. Also, I can't get over his kitchen cabinets. It looks like he's living in a Ludwig Bemelmans book! Amazing.

Do you have a fave interior designer?

I am a huge fan of Miles Redd. His style is so classic but so whimsical and theatrical too. My favorite space is his own apartment. Pink walls, tons of art, and zebra upholstered doors with brass nail heads. It does not get any better than that. He is definitely not a minimalist, which is obviously not my thing!


Nenaghgal said...

Absolutely charming Marisa -delighted to know about Caitlin McGauley. Love the tabletop as well.

Unknown said...

Love Caitlin's work - so fun to learn more about her!

Harrison Howard said...

Caitlin's work has great charm and it is very refreshing to see the clear, bright colors. With two other young artists that have done extensive illustration work for Kate Spade, the three of them form a sort of loosely knit category in my awareness that represents a new look in illustration that I hope will continue. The looseness and simplicity has a great feeling.

designchic said...

What a wonderful interview...thrilled to learn more about Caitlin and her charming work!

kayce hughes said...

Love her work!

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

Great interview! I love Caitlin and her beautiful watercolors. Do you know where you can purchase her art work? It is so pretty!

seema said...

Beautiful and refreshing!

Linda Hunt IFDA, WFCP,AVA said...

Beautiful! Love the home interiors in watercolor. I appreciate the work going into Caitlin's art as I paint watercolor botanicals. Give us more of Caitlin!