Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Photos courtesy of Rizzoli
C'est magnifique! With clients and projects spanning the globe, Alberto Pinto knows a thing or two about entertaining, setting the table for entertaining in the most glamorous way possible, and creating and setting a scene for the creme de la creme to fete in fabulous settings. His latest book Alberto Pinto: Tablesettings from Rizzoli takes us to these glam environs to ooh and ahh, making us want to be there too.

A woodland table set for a fall feast with porcelain mushrooms and greenery to match his hand-painted porcelain plates.

Cheery brightly colored plates in citrus, lime, fuschia, blue and red capture the colors of summer in a festive lunch.

Ah, this looks good at this time of year. If you find yourself in a villa in Cap Ferrat, this is how you want to have lunch. A table in the colors of sea and sky are tied in to the orchids to the stemware.

With Moorish flair, red and orange roses coordinate with a Turkish floral tablecloth, red stemware and handmade plates.

Alberto Pinto's porcelain tabletop collection debuted a few years ago, and I just can't get enough of it. The diversity of patterns and colors provide an elegant option for every type of entertaining. Fluttering birds, Chinoiserie motifs, floral designs, themes from nature and beyond make their home on his china. Handpainted in France, the fine art of Limoges porcelain is alive and well. Here is a look at my favorites.

The scenic of a charming pagoda folly done in a painterly way is the appeal of Vieux Kyoto on a butter plate.

Envision a French woodland scene with faux bois border and exotic mushrooms on Sous Bois.

J'adore this series of mushroom dinner plates, they are my absolute favorite. From Devine Corporation.

Channeling Russian expressionists like Kandinsky , Renouveau Russe has an energetic verve from bright dabs of color.

A vermicelli-like wave border on the Mer Turquoise Buffet Plate has a certain joie de vivre that reflects the sun, sea and sand of a day in the south of France.

A strong yellow ground is the perfect foil for a Parrot in a gilded birdcage called Les Peroquettes.

A delicately painted naif bird dons the Envol Dinner Plate with a thin gold border.

A curved edge with blue border provide the frame for blooming flowers in a blue and fuschia dinner plate pattern called Compagnie Des Indes.

A flute player and vegetation are placed in the center of this Chinoiserie Buffet plate. The dynamic border is a beautiful detail.

Their Chinoiserie dessert plate with hot pink and gold accents.

Belle Saisons Dinner Plate in Winter from Devine Corporation with a ring of winter blooms around the scallop border.


Unknown said...

Setting the table is such fun for me! I'll be using my Spode Woodland for Thanksgiving and then switching between Spode Christmas and Bernadaud's Happy Holidays for December!

Happy Thanksgiving!
~ Elizabeth


This is an exquisite book of table settings that we sell in our shop, r.h. ballard in Washington, VA! Love it! The best book I have ever seen that captures the beauty and magic of setting a creative & memorable table. Thanks for posting stunning images of those special dinner plates, too!

Unknown said...

I am totally entranced by this beautiful tableware. There is nothing more enchanting than having a wonderful dinner on plates like these...
Thanks for pointing this out!

John J Tackett said...

There are examples of faux bois decorated porcelain on exhibition in the Decorative Arts wing of the Louvre that I have coveted for years. Perhaps I can finally satisfy those longings!