Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Photos courtesy of Stewart Tabori and Chang
Does what you live with mean something to you? I am sure it does, and if you are feeling as though it is not arranged in a way that resonates with how you live, designer Bunny Williams will show you how, as she takes us along room by room. A follow up to her hugely successful design books, Bunny Williams' Scrapbook for Living is photo journal approach of useful, real and inspiring ideas. From displaying collections with flair to arranging your linen closet, you can have a comfortable home with your personal touches, giving it soul. The back of the book includes her favorite recipes for entertaining easily, tips on organizing and her resource lists for antiques, fabrics, and food.

Bunny is a master at creating a well - stocked bar. If you do not have a tiered trolley then any surface will do. Just be sure to have a stocked area with a supply of sodas, tonic and juices on hand for drop ins!

Set your table with the colors you love and pull in other decorative elements to place around for added interest to tie in a theme or color palette.

Storage and organization is a big issue no matter how sprawling your home is. "Having a place for everything makes putting things away much easier." For entertaining, Bunny suggests having 12 of all the basics, like plates, glasses and votives, so if the party grows in size, the basics are covered.

On photographs and their arrangement, Bunny shares advice from year's of culling through client's frames, " place personal pictures, such as the children as babies or dear family members, where you will really see them and remember the events; the photographs should mean something to you. I like to choose a very special picture and print it in a large size- say eight by ten inches or five by seven inches- to mix with several smaller pictures."

The book is filled with wise Bunny-ims, such as, " Not every wall has to have pictures, but hanging a large picture over a sofa or mantel will give exciting scale to a room."

When it comes to bedrooms, cozy is key. Special thought out details can make a house guest feel perfectly at home. She shares, " a bedside table must have a great reading light tall enough to be above your book, as well as a bottle of water and a glass, a clock, and tissues in an attractive container." Don't forget adding a popular bestseller and current magazines to the nightstand, in case your friends and relatives forgot theirs.


Karena said...

Marisa wonderful images, I adore Bunny Williams!!!

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peggy braswell said...

great post! good gift for clients+me xx peggybraswelldesign.com

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful book! Love her tips and comments. This will fly off the shelves.

quintessence said...

Love the book - was just looking at it (again) last night - have also purchased it as christmas gifts for several people on my list.

Luciane at HomeBunch.com said...


This is lovely and I really appreciate your tips, especially on how to do the guest bedroom, very needed at this time of the year. :-)

By the way, I think you really need to check my post today. It's about a very famous brazilian architect Roberto Migotto. He's simply great!


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