Friday, February 18, 2011


So I finally got in the game and got the iphone 4. The Verizon iphone that is. It's changed my life but you know all that. The challenge now is when it comes to acquiring a chic case. You see, the reason this is tricky is because there is a slight variation in the button placement, so the iphone 4 cases for AT&T do not fit my new, shiny tech savvy object. Companies are racing to launch them, but they are not very good looking. I have done some digging around and found a few styles worth a mention. Since my phone is quickly becoming an appendage, I need a case that does two things: it looks great and it protects my glossy, gorgeous photo taking miracle of a device. Now for the hard part: how do I choose?

For the monogram variety, these are my picks:

Photos courtesy of Claire Bella
Claire Bella has theirs made by Case Mate, a leader in the category. Choose from 12 patterns and 13 accent and font colors.

Lipstick Shades has a great assortment as well:
Photos courtesy of Lipstick Shades
Lipstick Shades has just launched monogrammed versions that capture the joie de vivre of Tibi and Milly clothing and verve of Quadrille fabrics. I like their motto, add some "style while you dial."

Pattern proud:

Photo courtesy of Kate Spade
Cute confetti against a navy ground on the iphone 4 cover from Kate Spade adds a touch of whimsy.

Photo courtesy of Lifeguard Press
Lilly has Bloomers, a cheery floral case with a soft rubber finish.

Photo courtesy of Lifeguard Press
Jonathan Adler designed a happy go lucky cover called Plume.

Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus
Put fashion first with the Fendi Logo Rubber iPhone Case from Neiman Marcus.

Skin is in:

Photo courtesy of Case Mate
Case Mate has an understated chic Reptile Barely There Case in a soft green.

A fashionable Reptile aubergine rubber case from Switch Easy has a good grip factor and will soon be made to fit the Verizon iphone 4

Solid Color:

Photo courtesy of Case Scenario
The Pantone Collection from Case Scenario offers a plethora of rainbow Pantone shades.

Photo courtesy of Case Mate
Clean and classic the Gold Barely There Case is a good choice if you want to look glamorous.

Photo courtesy of Switch Easy
With a matte, rubber finish in the perfect shade of lavender, the Colors case is easy to hold and hard to put down. From Switch Easy, it will be out for the Verizon phone soon.


The enchanted home said...

OMG love them all..too cute! Just ordered one myself and I spent more time agonizing over which cover to get than what I was doing that day...crazy how we get wrapped up in all the pretty things! Love them all...especially the first two.

Judith Cohen said..., what did you ultimately choose?

The HIdden List said...

How adorable! I love the monogramed and Pantone one the best! Great choices!!

Anonymous said...

Love them all! Especially the monogrammed ones!

Karen T.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

LOVE THIS. So easy to find in your purse. I have a Kate Spade one for my 3G (I have 4G envy now).
Mary Ann

Shandell's said...

I am waiting patiently to get an iphone this summer (when my plans allows me to get one). These are the perfect accessory, hard to pic which one. Maybe I will get a few and change when the mood strikes.