Tuesday, February 22, 2011


There is no denying the influence of India in interior design trends right now. The presence of block printing, rich vegetable dyes and inlay is welcomed, as the addition of ethnic details can add layers of history and visual impact to interiors. From Eat, Pray Love to Aman resorts, the lure of India old and new pulls us in a global direction where commerce and culture collide.
A traditional bone inlay chair made in Rajisthan has been reinterpreted for today by Made Goods with just enough ornamentation.

A gorgeous Moorish Garden Seat of alabaster from Belle Chasse Home has cut outs of architectural arches.

If you are too shy for a palm reader and would rather create your own destiny, you can always opt for these golden Gallicus Hands prints from Natural Curiosities.

The Gorka Mirror from Made Goods has a shimmering surface with hammered brass and reflective mirror that will add a touch of glamour to any setting.

Bright block printed bone picture frames with contrasting borders from Two's Company take the ethnic patterns to accessories in a new way. These are a nice way to bring a pop of color to a shelf or desk.

Printed fabric frames take me back to my Pierre Deux - adoring days in the early 1980's. These John Robshaw frames make great gifts and have a casual look to them, making them a welcome mix with more traditional frames.

Hand blocked bedding in pretty hues from Nandini Textiles are handmade in India

Creative patterns line the wall in Nandini prints.

Little hand drawn marching elephants make this Simrin Tray charming. The soothing green is a great color- not too bright not too pale.

Be seated! John Robshaw created new patterned mats and napkins for festive indoor and outdoor entertaining. He also used that wonderful shade of light green.

Vintage Indian textiles have been made into blankets at Vagabond Vintage. Choose from muted neutrals

or bold brights.

Tote your stuff around on the beach or city in this graphic canvas tote back from John Robshaw. I love this and wish I had it to cover the show!


Hamptontoes said...

Fabulous examples! I especially love the frames from Two's Company. I was just looking at them last week. The John Robshaw prints are fabulous too. The bone inlay furniture looks fabulous in a beach home, I especially love inlay done for bed side tables.

Kate Dickerson said...

WOW! This goes hand-in-hand with my post today about Gypsy Caravan Design!! I love all your photos and find it amazing that you and I only have one overlapping photo...there are obviously soooo many choices out there right now! Here's my post - Enjoy and thanks for yours!


Kate Dickerson said...

Hi again, Marisa - I just put a link to this post in my comments under my own post. Would you care to do the same with mine? Thank you! Kate

The enchanted home said...

I happen to love all these Indian textiles...own a number of tunics/caftans in similiar prints...and recently bought some gorgeous table linens in rich colors for an al fresco dining table...(when weather permits) Very nice roundup of pictures!

Stylebeat said...

Kate we are on the same stylistic page! Lisa, you have a good eye and great ideas I have to check in on H toes lately I have been super busy!