Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Their Bibliotheque wallpaper is a classic, seen here in a project by Nina Campbell

Thank goodness! I must admit I was worried there for a minute. When I heard Brunschwig & Fils had declared bankruptcy I was distressed-- would some giant company swallow up all the beautiful prints they are known for and liquidate? I am happy to report this is not the case, as Kravet has come out the successful bidder, buying Brunschwig from the Peardon family. We can feel good that Kravet, a superbly run, family - owned company, will play to the strengths of the B and F legacy. The Kravet's takes the helm late March, as the brand joins their stable of companies, including Lee Jofa, and GP and J Baker. What would I do if my favorite Zebra stripe linen was gone? What is your favorite Brunschwig print?


The enchanted home said...

I had heard Kravet was a contender but hadnt' heard much more than that...so glad they have been saved, would have been heartbreaking to see one of the old guard lines go......they have so many classics and my last dining room was a Bunschwig paper which I still love.........so glad they are sticking around!

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

OMGoodness! I am shock and sadden to hear of Brunschwig & Fils. I was so fortunate for a wonderful man who headed up the Boston show room, to call me into his to tell me B&F have been watching me..."We believe you may have great talent..." For year's I would work with Carmie, till the wee hours of the into the morning! Of course,sleep a few hours go to my design firm and start all over again!
He was a true Southern gentleman, oh what beautiful taste he has and I was so grateful to be a part of B&F family.
I can't imagine a major Design Center without having B&F as a part of it.
All the wonderful memories, that took place in meeting people in the showroom. Having lunch with Sister Parish, dinner that evening with Nina Campell...I met another man who would become another of my mentor's as he was speaking about up and coming young talents. He mentioned my name. At The Winter Antique Store. Mr. Dennis, that evening introduce me to Mark Hampton. B&F without a Pearson running it...Or dear Murray Douglas, the niece seating in a chair and painting a beautiful water color that letter would one would find it in their mailbox.

Oh, I do hope Kravets will take good care of B&F and maintain the high standards of the Pearsons, Murray Douglas and Carmie Dennis.