Monday, March 14, 2011


Products from Japan's Fog Linen Work have an almost monastic tranquility. Longing for the linen quality and design she remembered from her youth, Yumiko Sekine created a collection of Lithuanian linen in 1993. She distributes her products throughout the US, Japan and Europe. Her artisanal, tightly edited collection combines zen simplicity, sophistication and functionality. From linen napkins to iron storage baskets and market bags, her pieces are right at home in Martha Stewart Living, ABC Home and John Derian's East Village shop, Dry Goods. Exquisitely serene photos on FLW's website make me want it all-- and want to move into a rustic farmhouse in Vermont, where I will start making strawberry rhubarb jam in the summer, goat cheese in winter, take up canning, bread, and pie making in an effort to connect with the locavore movement. For now I will stay put, put it is ever so tempting!

Gathering Basket made of iron

Natural Linen Table Cloth

Linen Apron in Navy Plaid

Checked Linen Coated Tray

Thick Linen Kitchen Cloth in natural plaid

Thick Chambray Linen Towel in Purple

Wire Desk Basket

Purple Loge Linen Hat

Feed Sack Basket in Natural

Daphnis Natural Linen Work Tote

Anne Round Bag in Plaid Natural

Triple Rack

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