Friday, November 18, 2011


Photo courtesy of Best Made Company
It has been getting chilly here in NYC, so I got to thinking about classic winter must-haves that stand the test of time. A great canvas tote, sturdy parka, LL Bean Boots, that sort of thing. Perhaps this is more of a country-camp fave, but camp blankets are back in a big way, and many have pushed aside their classic duvets for their woolen warmth. Best Made Company, in their quest for the perfect red wool blanket, has teamed up with Pendelton Woolen Mills, one of the oldest wool purveyors/blanket makers in America. They have created a fire engine red wool blanky with a tonal striped border and the words Famous on the corner. Perhaps just sleeping under it will do the trick, and you will wake up more famous than the day before. Hey, you never know. This makes a great gift, by the way.


A+S / Tilton Fenwick said...

Famous blanky! cute! want to snuggle in it today...brrr!

mary said...

That is the most glorious blanket I have ever seen. I neeeeed one! Thank you for pointing the way to winter heaven. Mary

Decor Arts Now said...

Hi Marisa,
Love the blanket. And I think they are hot (and warm) too. Readers can also comb eBay for a vintage Pendleton. That is where I recently bought mine-- for $75!

Happy weekend,

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

Isn't it great, Mary? So sharp.
Lynn, great score!

eileen schneidman said...

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