Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I love a good collaboration, especially when it includes Fortuny's sublime textiles. Malcolm James Kutner, a New York - based interior designer was recently asked to create a capsule collection of pillows with the esteemed Venetian fabric company. Using intricate patterns in a pastel palette with inset borders, Kutner's pillows would be at home in a warm climate as well as a city setting. The pillows are available at the Fortuny showroom on the 16th floor of the D and D Building, suite 1632.
Fortuny's subtle patterns, gradation in tone and vibrant palette make them true works of art. In order to protect the magic formula that achieves their gorgeous designs, Fortuny does not allow anyone outside the company to visit their mills. Their secret technique remains a mystery, making their designs even more covetable.

Yellow, pale pink and an earthy green pillows

My favorites

Pastel perfection


Libby said...

Beautiful, beautiful! I'm not a pastel person, but these are superb!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I need that pink one. I'm such a fan of Fortuny. I have a series on my blog "Design to the Letter" and I did "F is for Fortuny". -love for you to see it! I'm a new follower of yours - love your blog!

Celeste said...

I absolutely love the pink and blue pillows! These are gorgeous!