Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The new Beach Candy stripe is a good all around travel scarf

Candy colors and a variety of patterns make Turkish T Fouta Hamam towels a great gift. Use them as a sarong, beach towel, picnic blanket, bedspread, tablecloth, the options go on and on.
Sue Joyce took a basic towel, traditionally used in Turkish Baths, and made it fresh and exciting in juicy colors and stripes. Incredibly soft hand-loomed 100% Turkish cotton dries quickly and gets better with age, just be sure to wash in cool water, and machine dry on low heat. This soon to be summer staple will be a piece you always take with you to the beach. Visit Betsy Wills and Sue Joyce at The Javits, Booth 7877!

The Basic Breeze has a wide banded stripe and richly colored ground field.

There are also earthy colors.

The Basic Bath towel is sarong friendly.

The Soft Bath is available in small runs. I like the wider striped banding for its nautical style.


Libba said...

I love these! My kids wrap up in them at the beach then i throw the beach candy around my neck at night with my husband.

kayce hughes said...

So nice to see some Nashville talent getting some SB love!

canvas printing said...

love these remind me of my chilhood