Tuesday, February 14, 2012


BANG! by bitplay, inc. (Taipei City, Taiwan)

Asked by The New York International Gift Fair to identify a product that represented the most “urgent, odd and delightful design” at Accent on Design at the show, I chose the playfully ironic Bang table lamp.
BANG!by Bitplay is an unexpected take on a table lamp with a gun you point and shoot at the lamp to turn it on and off. This whimsical interactive feature is part conversation piece, part gag. As you shoot the lamp, the shade tips back to let you know you’ve hit your mark. It takes a functional, essential object and injects playful humor into it. Its minimalist design has a pop art sensibility
and would look right at home in an art collector’s contemporary setting,” added Marisa Marcantonio, stylebeat.blogspot.com.

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kayce hughes said...

How fun is that!
Next I want a gun that turns off the TV!