Friday, March 9, 2012


Making American - made lighting their forte, The Urban Electric Company, based in Charleston, South Carolina, is one stylish operation. From the 30,000 square foot former Navy Base brick building they call home, to the interesting designers they partner with for collections, their fresh take and forward thinking create gorgeous transform-a-room lighting. The 75 person team and founder Dave Dawson make bespoke craftsmanship their mission.
They have turned to a host of top talent, including Darryl Carter, Amanda Nisbet, Amelia Handegan, Richard Mishaan, Tom Scheerer and others to design hanging lanterns, sconces, standing and table lamps that push the boundaries of metalworking, color and form. I love them for their forward thinking innovation, their impeccable American-made craftsmanship and design style savvy. With a loyal designer following and a new Atlanta showroom they are worth knowing about.

The Sagaponack Hanging Light by Richard Mishaan
has a clean, modernist sensibility.

Two colors make the Venetian Lantern by Richard Mishaan festive. A pared down traditional form based on a classic design provides a new take.

Sleek and sexy, the Travers Sconce by Amanda Nisbet can go deco, mid century or minimalist.

Amanda Nisbet's geometric circular design in the Montreal provides a playful touch. Her fun ethos shines through.

The Anna Leah by Amanda Nisbet takes circles to a new place with the chain design that climbs upward in an eye-popping standing lamp. Pick a Benjamin Moore color to work in your color scheme.

The sweeping lines of Amelia Handegan's Belle Meade Double Sconce have me smitten.

The single arm

As seen in the swish Monkey Bar in NYC.

Paraply by Amelia Handegan with an umbrella top and woven sides in glowing brass is like a great charm from a vintage bracelet.

Thomas, the Mark Maresca - designed lantern is all about simple forms that speak volumes.

Belmont Hanging Lantern by Mark Maresca with a spiky Regency flourish at the top and geometric surround.

The Gibson Hanging Lantern from Mark Maresca sheds a lot of light and would be a nice addition over a kitchen island.

Diamond by Michael Amato, the in-house creative director, designed a gorgeous aged finish for this intricately amazing gem.

Long and lean, Cirque by Michael Amato plays on triangle shapes. Pick any color from Benjamin Moore to have it painted.

Chisolm Hall by Michael Amato is also available as a flush mount and defers to classic British design with an American simplicity.

Michael Amato's Globus with the top half silvered is a fresh take on the popular orb I am seeing a lot of now.

Anson Ribbon by Michael Amato is available in any Benjamin Moore color and curlicue flourishes make the light and airy piece wonderfully evocative of a great Dorothy Draper interior.

Bit by Michael Amato is like a timeless Hermes bracelet, clean and simple.

The Edina, with a flush and raised backplate and curvy arm is perfection.

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the designers muse said...

I especially like some of the lanterns by Mark Maresca and Michael Amato. They remind me of the exquisite lanterns by Charles Edwards. But I bet these are a bit more afordable.